A small waterfall in our green belt.

Doordrift greenbelt 1

Have a gorgeous day.

To brighten up a grey miserable day in Cape Town some bright flowers of colour.





Never mind the weather just enjoy the evening.


Scaffolding 1

Enjoy a pleasant new week.

The Hottentot-Hollands mountain range seen from Somerset West where we spent the day.

Mountains and clouds 1

Mountains and clouds 2

Can’t deny it the Cape is beautiful.  Enjoy a super evening.

Hiding amongst the branches.

Curious dove

Enjoy a blessed Sunday.

Heavy traffic on a public holiday.

Traffic lights

A Francoline caught in a vineyard.

Grey wing Francolin

Caught it with the telephoto, but he heard the shutter click and disappeared in a flash.

Have a great evening.

A gardener cutting a hedge.

the gardener

Yes, spring is in the air.

Have a super weekend.

Wednesday past in South Africa was “Heritage Day” which in my mind is politically a very loaded day.  Thank heavens a realist managed to nickname it Braai Day (BBQ Day).  So steering away from politics and keeping to the mundane here my take on the simple let us be just people.

Daybreak on Heritage Day.

Heritage daybreak 2014

Yes, weather wise this was a true warning of what in Cape Town was to come, a day of bad weather.  Needless to say I took my chance and went for the braai (BBQ).  Contrary to the usual braai pics published that brags about the meat etc ,a practice I am also guilty of, here a braai (BBQ) pic with a difference.

Starting the fire.

Heritage braai starting 2014

Make your Friday evening a gorgeous dream.

Call of the distant mountains.

Call of the mountains

Have a super Friday.

It is not to easy photographing dogs in a pack playing due to the fact they are mostly in a bundle obscuring their playful poses.  At times two or three will break away from the pack giving one, if noticed in time the opportunity to a shot or two in.

Big play 1

Big play 2

Have a super evening.


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