While enjoying lunch under our Yellowood tree yesterday this unexpected and very curious visitor passed by.

Squirrel in tree 1

Happy Easter to all to whom this blessing applies.

The full moon setting yesterday morning.

Setting full moon

A neighbour of the pooches trotting down the street.

Corgy trotting

Almost long weekend, enjoy the day.

Laundry day in Woodstock

Laundry day Woodstock

Midweek again, enjoy the day.

This morning I posted a photograph of a small group of Bergies (vagrants) who charged me a small amount to take a photo.  The guy in the middle was obviously the leader and after I took some pics he tried to con me into using him as a model for more photographs.  Needless to say when his voluntary fee was R250 (+/_US $25) I simply laughed, thanked him for his gesture and left with this quicky on the camera showing him negotiating with me.

Bergies wants R20 for exclusive

What one won’t try for booze money.  Anyway I enjoyed it.  Have a great evening.

Our Bergies (vagrants) are truly a funny species of their own.  When they see one with a camera they sometimes almost insist on being photographed, but ask them if a photo may be taken they immediately want money for posing.  This group earned R10 (+/- US$1-00) towards their next booze purchase.  I very much doubt that the money went towards food.

Bergies paid R10

Looks like winter is finally here.  Have a super day.

At the end of one tremendously hot day I noticed the almost full moon yesterday as full moon is only due tonight.  Believe it I listened to that little voice in the head, grabbed the camera and free hand shot a number of pics of the almost full moon.  No pics tonight, the  sky is fully overcast and we are enjoying a most comfortable in the low 20s temperature.  What a welcome after the boiling weekend.

Almost full moon.

Almost full moon 13 April 2014

Have a great evening, it is a short week ahead.

We enjoyed some spectacular daybreaks last week, but then on Thursday the daybreak reds became colourless and almost foreboding of bad to come.  This was proven true over the weekend. Saturday and Sunday were days when Cape Town was not a place to be with the temperatures shooting up to 41C (F105,8) and 38C (100,4).  Of the two days I found Sunday to have been the real killer, simply breathing brough along streams of perspiration.  Fortunately, according to the weather experts, that was the end of our “Indian summer” and today should be a comfortable mid 20s with a possibility of light showers in the afternoon.

Daybreak, Thursday past.

Daybreak 10 April 2014

Have a super new week.

The sudden heat wave, or as we say “Indian summer`’, brought some hitherto unseen fungi into the garden.

Fungi 1

Fungi 2

Fungi 3

Fungi 4

Nature is wonderful and full of surprises.  Enjoy a great evening.

There goes another avocado, and the thief is seen.

Avo thief

Enjoy a blessed day.


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