My guess is there is no expression better than “home sweet home”, and yes after a twenty three hour from home to home almost gruelling journey by plane it is truly a sweet sounding expression.  Oh, make no mistake it was a wonderful break to have been with the children and the grandies, but in all honesty I am glad to be back in “my place”.  There will still be more pics taken in Switzerland following now and then as sweet reminders of a joyful time, but mostly a reminder to me that I wish to share.

Will be honest the twenty three hours bound to two flights were not for the meek and mild as eventually it saps the energy.  Try and imagine a flight of some five hours with first a snack and then a dinner served to be followed by the connecting flight which starts with a snack, then dinner and in what feels eventually like midday the flight is ended with breakfast only to be followed during the onward journey to Cape Town with, yes, with another belly filling snack.  OK, OK, I did skip the second dinner because enough is enough.

I do not know whose joy was the greatest, the dogs seeing us again, or me seeing the four legged sweethearts again.  As for the cats, who of course rule, it was simply a matter of “oh you are back” until they wanted food and I was restored to the important position of “leader of the pack” called by the the feeder in the house :) .

To conclude a few more pics taken in Morges.

What is called the town hall

City Hall Morge 1

Town hall

Shutters painted in the custom of the Vaud region.


If you have been to Morges and not been here for pancakes you may as well not have visited Morges.

Place for pancakes

Back to recovery after the enduring trip.  Enjoy the coming up weekend.

This internet station is now closing down for 48 h0urs due to travelling in order to get back to home sweet home.

See you all from Cape Town again.

So our holiday has come to an end.  Cases packed, travel documents checked and ready to return home.  So, for the final post from Switzerland a few pics for now, but once home (read 48 hours +/-) a few more will follow.

Went for a quick shopping spree in Yvonne, France and in the supermarket we went to I saw the following two subjects to photograph.

An unappetising chicken for sale.

Yvonne chicken sale

And at the cheese counter a bell to call an attendant for assistance.

Yvonne call bell

Last lovely sunset over the Jura mountains before the weather took a turn for the bad.

Sunset 19 Oct

And now to say good bye to the four juniors in the house.

Our granddaugter, the little angel.

Garden walk

Our grandson, the big guy.



Serious Ollie


Serious Rupert 1

About to start packing and prepare for the journey home on Wednesday.  Was a joyful twenty days without any rushing or fixed schedule, just the way a holiday should be.  Here a little about our base, Bremblens.  The population of the village is approximately 500.  Bremblens is situated on a hill four and half a kilometre from the village of Morge.  Agriculture is the mainstay of Bremblen’s economic activity.To the east the view from the childrens’ house is upon Lausanne and the Alps and to the west the Jura mountains.This year due to weather conditions we saw very little of the Alps which were mostly covered by a cloud layer.

Lausanne and the Alps seen on a very cloudy day.

Lausanne under cloud

The Bremblens temple.

Bremblens Temple 1

Bremblens Temple 2

The water crib from yonder years at the temple.

Trough at Bremblens Temple

The main streets of Bremblens.

Bremblens street 1

Bremblens street 2

Bremblens street 3

And if you are in a car you will reverse!

Bremblens street 4

Now it is a question of patience till we get to the airport tomorrow and the long flight back home starts.

Have a super day.

Enjoy the walk with me.

A selection of breads in a supermarket to choose from.

Bread choice supermarket

Dancing girl and boy along the lake side.


Came across this experimental Renault electric car parked along side the lake.

Electric Renault 1

Last of the flowers before winter truly sets in.


Mushrooms and pumpkin on sale in a supermarket.

Mushrooms and vegies supermarket

Graceful I glide on the water.


A child feeding the swans.

Swans and child

Start of the new week and for us D Day minus 3.  Enjoy the day and the week ahead.

Juast some random shots taken while strolling through the village of Morges on the shore of Lac Lemans (Lake Geneva).

Dogs are welcome at the restaurants and even catered for.

Dogs welcome

Anybody for garlic?


A small water feature.

Fountain 2

Front view of the main cathedral.

Morges cathedral

Just a wierdo with his bike.  This guy excelled in talking to himself in a somewhat loud voice.


The yacht basin.

Yacht basin

That is it for now.  Changed to winter time last night so not being used to that system I am timewise a little confused. Enjoy a super Sunday.

One can feel winter approaching with a purpose, but let me take you on the last walk through the market of Morges.

Anyone for cheese, real Swiss cheese?

Morges market 17

Broiled chickens for sale.

Morges market 18 (1)

Another variety of cheeses on sale, after all it is Switzerland.

Morges market 19

A nuts and olives stand.

Morges market 20

Bread baked in a wood fired oven.  We intended buying one on our way back, but lost out the breads were all sold.

Morges market 21

Without some musicians no market of this nature is complete.

Morges market 22 (1)

That then concludes the stroll through the Saturday street market of Morges.  Entering our final weekend here before heading home on Wednesday.  Have a super day.

Some more shots taken at the Morges market.

Breads, jams and cheese.

Morges market 08


Morges market 09

A selection of saucisse .

Morges market 10

Cheese, delicious cured meat and saucisse to choose from.

Morges market 11

Dresses, dresses and dresses.

Morges market 14

Flowers too.

Morges market 16

On our way home we saw the true sign that winter is here.  I think our luck will hold and we will enjoy comfortable to cold days until we return home on Wednesday before winter truly sets in, especially baring in mind our warmest cloths are suited for the Cape Town autumn climate.

First snow on the Jura mountains some fifteen kilometers away.

Snow Jura 23 Oct 14

Friday again and wishing all a pleasant weekend.

Wednesdays and Saturdays are the market days in the main street of Morges.  Saturday past, while still in a very nice and comfortable autumn day, we went to the market and I would like to take you along for a stroll amongst the stalls.

The cathedral at the eastern end of the main street.

Morges the main street

A large variety of pickled products on sale.

Morges market 01

Morges market 02

Vegetables, vegetables and vegetables.

Morges market 03

Morges market 05

A large variety of tasty mushrooms to choose from.

Morges market 07

More to follow.

Within twenty four hours the weather changed from autumn to winter bringing a drastic drop in temperatures and the snow fall on the Jura mountains.  Due to cloud the Alps to the east are not visible but I am sure, being much higher that the Jura the snow fall there will by much more than on the Jura.

Survived the cold I picked up along the way only to be hit by contracting conjunctivitis so a visit to the doctor yesterday lent some extra colour to the holiday.

Entering D Day minus 6 I wish all a blessed day.

Daybreak over Lausanne and the Alps.

Daybreak Lausanne

Sunrise 2

Later in the day all under cloud cover.

Lausanne under cloud

Sunset seen over the Jura in the west when day was done.

Sunset 19 Oct

Not only midweek again but for us D Day minus 7 before our return home.

Have a super day.


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