Our Wednesday training session concentrated on pack behaviour.  Surprisingly it went off like a dream. With the dogs on the leashes we had to walk them in a pack and where needed, which never was the case, control and discipline our dog.

Pack walking.

Pack walking 1

Our trainer calling a handler into line.

Pack walking 2

And after the exercise this guy wanted his congratulation, a great paw shake.

Shake a paw

I must admit i was a bit nervous in having the dogs together in a bunch like that, but nothing amiss happened, they behaved like angels.

Friday evening so let the hair down and have a super weekend.

I must admit I would rather be caught in a traffic jam like this

Traffic jam

……. than to waste time at the insurers and panel beaters after something like this

Wall after car

According to a security guard the lady’s car was a site for sore eyes.

Friday again and another week behind us.  Enjoy.

While having lunch out on the porch I noticed movement in the avocado tree.  Fortunately I had the camera with me and went into the fast action mode.  There some way up in the tree I spotted this unknown beauty scanning the tree obviously on the lookout for birds like me, but with different intensions.

Feline visitor 1

When it heard the click of the shutter it saw me and gave me another great pic.

Feline visitor 2

It then took off at high speed and jumped over the wall into the property behind us.  Al least I think I know where it belongs.

Have a super evening.

I call them the motorists’ curse.  The vendors are all over the city trying to sell anything they think sellable to motorists and they are found at traffic lights.  The authorities seem to have thrown in the towel  to remove them.  The guy below sells for a very small amount a flyer entitled “Funny Money”.  This publication which is a single A4 size sheet printed both sides contains a selection of jokes to brighten the buyer’s day.  Snapped the Funny Money seller from the car as the traffic light was about to change to green.

Funny money 1

The Cape of Storms have with us since midnight and according to the weather prophets will be with  us all day today.

Have a blessed day wherever you may be.

Here the final post on the hike and the rocks of the Bertie’s Balcony trail.


Barely visible and I felt that here comes the true fog to gulf us.


Well eroded.


The cave also visited by graffiti spoilers.


Our weather again looks bad.  It is almost as if winter refuses to take its leave until next year.

Enjoy the midweek evening.

Had a lucky break in catching this aloof one.

A Sunbird in a tree.


Enjoy a super day.

More of the rocks scene.

Entering Bertie’s Balcony.


Enjoying well earned refreshments on the balcony.


Thanks to the mist no scenery to admire.


The scramble track leaving Bertie’s Balcony.


Suddenly I feel like I need a drink of water.  Enjoy the day.

Saw these strange curvy clouds over head yesterday.  Nothing came of them.

Curvey clouds

Enjoy the day.

When discussing hiking trails in the Table Mountain National Park, and there are many believe me, Bertie’s Balcony stands out as the number one for me.  It is a long trail and not easy surface wise but I will not rate it difficult.  The reason why I am so fond of this trail is because of the breath taking rock formations.  Yes, I am afraid I must admit that rocks and rock formations speak to me like flowers, scenery and animals. Previous hikes on Bertie’s Balcony were in bright sunshine as opposed to this month when the mountain was draped in missed and fortunately not fog because that would have cancelled the hike.  We took our chance and hit the trail, a chance that came off.  Due to the mist most rock formation and outstanding rocks could not be photographed,  I took my chance and set the camera on manual.  Shuttter speed 60/1 and F stop 7, crossed my fingers and hoped for the best.  Below some of my successful pics and I must be honest these pics and those in the follow up post were really taken in an eiry atmosphere.  The rocks and formations looked completely different to the previous hikes.

Heading towards the summit, one of many.


Looks like fog is going to replace the mist.


The path just crossed.


No, it is not going to tumble.






Have a super evening.

PS My Mac has been seen to and the gremlins removed.

The gibbous waning moon lights up the sky.

Waning moon Sep 2014

However, it did not deter a fiery daybreak.

Daybreak mid Sept 2014

Have a super new week.


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