Running spots at play.


Have a super evening.

Sunning itself


Enjoy a blessed day.

Sophie asking for a game.

I want a game

Oh, she got the game and all pics were flops, they were to fast.

The arums are beginning to bloom, but winter is still far from over.

Arum end winter in sight

Enjoy the new day and the start of the new week.

Remainder of a tree that was.

Tree that was

What a pity, but that tree was beyond redemption and had to go.

Fluffy gold to cuddle.

All Gold and fluffy

This is the last of my current collection of dog portraits.  Hope to soon have another batch.  Enjoy the day of rest.

A shopping center in Plumstead on a sunny day

Shopping center Plumstead

This photo was not taken today, a real icy monochrome day.

Cold enough to make one look forward to the cheese fondue tonight.  Enjoy your evening.



Enjoy the Saturday, another week gone.

Two Boxers together, try and be the boss controlling and you are an optimist.

Our Monty (left) and Lea

Monty and Lea 1

No wonder we are Boxer lovers, they are the clowns of the canine world.

Friday evening and like Boxers eight days a week let your hair down.

A somewhat worried pup


Friday again and our good news is only some six weeks of winter left.  Enjoy the day.


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