Brightness of the morning.

Pink and yellow

Enjoy preparing for the weekend.

Just had a treat for being obedient.


Enjoy a super day.

Took quite some effort to capture this youngster at training a week ago, but patience paid off.

High energy profile.

Aint I cute

Enjoy a super midweek day.

Rainless summer clouds rolling over the mountain.

Summer clouds 1

Summer clouds 2

Have a super day.

A soothing summer sunrise.

Gental daybreak

Have a super new week.

Our youngest dog handler at last Wednesday’s training session.

Youngest trainer

Is it not more than just cute.  Enjoy a blessed day of rest.

Spring cleaning of gardens is in full swing and overloading of utility vehicles is at the order of the day.

Over loading

Have a fabulous weekend.

Unfortunately I could not identify the name of this cactus flower in spite of all the books at our disposal.



Can’t believe it is Friday again.  The year is speeding to its end.  Enjoy the day.

Shopping trollies left in the parking area of a shopping mall waiting to be collected.

Abandoned trollies

Waiting for customers.  A table for two on the sidewalk in front of a restaurant.


A midtown pedestrian looking for crumbs.



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