A few pics of the mountains surrounding Lenk.

The Ammertenhorn and its glacier.

Ammertenhorn glacier





Lenk 800 meters below Bühlberg



The Plaine Morte glacier on the summit left hand side.

Plaine Morte glacier

Enjoy the new week.

Pics of some chalets in Lenk






And where we stayed, bottom left with the bright deck chairs.

Huis 1

Have super day of rest.

The guitarist 1

Guitarist 1

The guitarist 2

Guitarist 2

Have a great evening.

Here a few pics of the scenic road to Lenk.  These pics were all taken from a moving car so there was no time for correct composure.

Two of the tunnels we went through and I must admit the Swiss know how to build roads through the mountains.



 A chalet on the way.


View down a misty valley.



We were under the impressions the farmers have already brought all the cattle down from the mountains, but we had our surprise.



Notice the youngster helping in herding the cows.  The example set is that in Switzerland the whole able bodied family members share in the responsibilities of running the farm.

Anyway we got to Lenk without too much of a delay albeit that cows enjoy priority on the roads.

Before I get to the actual Älpler Fest’s beauty competition a few more pics of the activities on the square where the action took place.

This artist was mighty pleased to have his photo taken.


A cheese maker giving a demonstration – and cheese was sold too.

Cheese maker

Beer drinking crowd making merry.

Crowd enjoyment

Inside the tent that served as the lunchtime restaurant, and the food was good.

Lunch time

A youngster helping out as a waiter, but judging by his face he has had enough, or as we say in Afrikaans he is “gatvol” (fed up).


The Master of ceremonies.

Master of cermonies

And now for the beauty competition to elect Miss Lenk 2014.  On a cautionary note men you won’t see lovely legs and big boobs and ladies no fashion to make you oooo and aaaah or criticise.  Here we go.

The finalists.

Lenk Alper fest cows 44 runners up

Ramona the runner up

Lenk Alper fest cows 45 the second place Ramona

Here Iris, Miss Lenk 2014!

Lenk Alper fest cows 46 Miss Lenk 2014 Iris

That then concludes the Älpler Fest, Lenk 2014, but there will still be more photos taken in Lenk to come as Lenk is not only the Älpler Fest and thus some more I would like to share.  Friday again and our first week gone.  Have a lovely day preparing for the weekend.

Back to the cows and the past of the groups that took part in the parade.  As was the case with those groups ahead of them they were also dressed to kill, but others already paraded chose to graze on what ever was available.

Lenk Alper fest cows 20

Lenk Alper fest cows 27

Lenk Alper fest cows 28

Even the humble donkey was included.

Lenk Alper fest cows 29

Lenk Alper fest cows 39

Lenk Alper fest cows 40

Then came the judging of the final participants.  Won’t bore you by showing all, just the few below.

Lenk Alper fest cows 33

Lenk Alper fest cows 35

Lenk Alper fest cows 37

As I mentioned in the first blog the parade is finalised by the election of Miss Lenk 2014.  More about that in the next post and I promise to show a close up of the lucky girl.  Meanwhile enjoy a great day.

Children can be shy at times and especially with strangers, but at the Älpler Fest I found the opposite when I asked if I could shoot a pic or two of those in traditional costumes.  It usually ended with me and my broken German and the parents exchanging a quick round of small talk which was more about where am I from and what am I doing here.  Anyway, time for the pics to do the talking.

No age limit for attending.



Are we not pretty.







I can’t believe that the first week of the vacation is over and only two more to go.  Feels like yesterday that we left Cape Town.

Enjoy the hump day.

If it was interesting to observe the cows it was believe me more interesting to observe the people joining to enjoy the once a year event.  In the photos that will follow I wish to mention that those showing the folk in traditional dress can be divided into two categories – all adults are paparazzi photos and those of children were taken with permission of the parents.  I found the people very friendly and by the end of the day my fifty year old rusted German was remarkably well polished up again by simply talking to total strangers. There will be two posts (maybe three) on the people in attendance before I return to the show of cows and then conclude with the beauty competition where Miss Lenk 2014 was elected.

Even dogs were there and they were friendly and well behaved.


Shopping stalls were in abundance.


The crowd getting larger as the day  went on.


In traditional dress.



More to follow with some pics of kids dressed up for the occasion.  Have a glorious day.

We could not understand when after we arrived in Bremblens and unpacked our cases we were told that the next day we will be leaving for Lenk in the Bern Oberland to spend a few days with very old friends.  I found the arrangement somewhat strange, but thought maybe it was the only time these friends had to see us.  Saturday morning came the big surprise.  We arrived in Switzerland  but just in time to attend the Älpler Fest in Lenk.  The Älpler Fest (Alpine Feast) in Lenk is a celebration of the end of the harvest season and to say good bye to summer.  The day is occupied by troops of cows parading through the streets of Lenk, a competition to select the prize cow of the year, visiting a hord of sidewalk stalls to look, see and perhaps buy something of the many products on sale and finally the day’s activities are ended with a beauty competition.  Saturday past is a day not to be forgotten.  I will, as per usual, let the photos do the talking and bore you with a minimum tally of words.  Hope you will enjoy the pictorial tour with me.

And the Älpler Fest starts.

Lenk Alper fest cows 01

Lenk Alper fest cows 02

Lenk Alper fest cows 03

Lenk Alper fest cows 04

The entries for the selection of the best cow of the year all lined up.

Lenk Alper fest cows 10

More cows parading and pics of people enjoying to follow.   Have a wonderful start to the new week.

Spending a few days with very old friends in Lenk in the Berner Oberland. Here an early morning daybreak scene.


More to follow as soon as I get working through over one hundred pics taken yesterday at what was a surprise event.

Enjoy the day of rest.


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