The Whippet’s affectionate look.

Whippet thingking

The Whippet is also known as  Snap Dog, but I have never seen this guy snap.  He is most affectionate towards people and the other dogs.

I can’t believe it is Wednesday again.  Enjoy a super day.

I can kick myself for having deleted similar photos in the past.  They all have a smack of humour that in fact is unbeatable.  Yes, I love capturing the dogs at training on camera, albeit that in fact it is not as easy as it is challenging.  One of the the great flops is when I think I have the pooch in focus and here comes the whopper of a pic and the pooch gets the better of me by charging into the lens to see what  the human on his knees or flat on the ground is up to.  So here the one pic I kept in after sight wisdom instead of deleting.

Wow, I am right in the lens.

Snout in lens

Not easy, but I love the challenge of photographing dogs in a pact.

enjoy a great evening.

Stranger in our neck of the woods.  Could not figure if he was a vagrant or of the worse kind.

Changing his shirt.

Suspicious guy

He saw me take the photo and disappeared.  Makes one wonder.

Have a pleasant day.

I am not referring to any IT programme, but rather to a number of Cape Town suburbs where the pipes bringing us our water are being upgraded after some twenty five years.  Replacement of the main pipes is the better term but we somehow speak of upgrading the supply system.  It is now more than a month that the work which the municipality contracted out to a private company is in full swing, or in more honest terms was started with verve and then became stagnant.  What we do have is an eyesore on the sidewalks and unexpected water flow interruptions when joins in the temporary polyethylene pipes (the thick black pipes in the pics below) become undone.  This weekend saw us go through two such incidents leaving us with a trickle of water or no water at all.  In both cases I called the municipality’s water and sanitation department and, although it was not their responsibility as it is contracted out, maintenance teams did arrive within a reasonable time and fixed the problems.  As my camera’s battery was on charge I could not photograph the flood of spouting water at our motor gate on Saturday evening.  Yesterday the problem that pounced on us shortly after Sunday lunch did not escape my camera’s lens.  I must mention that it was impossible to contact any person at the company responsible for the works.  Now a few pics of our waterworks in upgrading.

The sidewalk eyesore in broad sense

Red nets 1

A net seen close up

Red nets 2

Sunday afternoon’s water folly

Water leak 3

Water leak 1

Water leak 2

As the temporary stopcock for the water could not be found it was a rather soaked maintenance team that left after the situation was rectified and the flow of water to our homes restored.

Have a pleasant evening.

The oldest member of the Saturday morning training class.  He is seventeen years old, and try like I wanted I could only capture him sniffing in the grass.  Maybe next time round patience will pay off and I may get a good face shot in.

Dutchy 17 yrs

Enjoy the new week.

Ah, we have been experiencing the glory of a few cloudless nights.  This gave me the opportunity to shoot an early morning pic of the waning gibbous moon.

Waning moon gibbous

Sunday afternoon after lunch, many things in the kitchen to wash and we have no water.  Once again we here, where the main water feeding pipes are being replaced, are victim of the racist central government’s policy of giving tenders/contracts to some incompetent Black Economic Empowerment nest of useless goons.

Anyway hopefully Monday will bring us water.  Enjoy the coming new week.

A homeless old man enjoying a smoke break in the afternoon sun.

Smoke break

Enjoy a pleasant Sunday.

The Proteas are blooming all over and of the species the Pincushions are putting up a fantastic show bringing our winter to a flowery end.

Pin Cushion bush

Pin Cushion closer

Pin Cushion close up

Enjoy a pleasant evening.

Raindrops on a leaf.

Raindrops on leaf

Ah, today we will have sunshine and warmer temperatures.  Have a super day.

The behaviour of some drivers drives me round the bend.  Especially those drivers/car owners whose cars most probably belong to the bank or or some other financial institution.  Take hold of this – I will park my fancy car where I want to.

Park where wants

Lets make road/parking responsibilities a living pleasure.

Friday, so let your hair down and have a super weekend.\


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