It seems that more pups attend the Saturday afternoon training sessions.  What is very interesting is to see how they grow and of course become socialised and especially the friendly relationship with the older and bigger dogs.

Self assured this one is

July puppy 3

First timer and one can see his uncertainty in the eyes.

Sweet pose

Have a super start to the new week.

Every week we take our pooches to socialisation class.  When looking at the pack of dogs it is very difficult to say that any single dog is ugly, they are all beautiful, but here and there a single dog stands out as being more beautiful than the average.

She is one up, the gentle beauty


Gentle beauty

Enjoy a peaceful Sunday.

A small beggar waiting for a treat

Little beggar

The bigger ones drool for the same.


Always a treat to have the camera at dog training.  Have a super Saturday.

Blue sky, Devil’s Peak and Woodstock.

Devils Peak from lower Woodstck

Enjoy the start of another weekend.

I just like the sketches on the back of this pet shop’s delivery van.

Petshop delivery truck

Also the shop where we buy our pets’ food.

Enjoy the day.

Male sugarbird, its green back glittering in the sunlight, harvesting nectar at my study door.

Getting the nectar

Enjoy the widweek day.

This pup came to visit the big dogs training session and stole the show.

Boxer pup

Enjoy a super day.

For some to merely have a roof over their heads suffices in life, while due to neglect slow decay becomes prevalent.

Woodstock neglect

Have a great start to the new week.

A favourite vegetable here is the gem squash.  It is about the size of tennis ball at its largest, or so we thought until my wife found this a supermarket.

Gem squash

It had the same exquisite taste as the smaller variety.

Enjoy the day.

It was by pure luck I spotted this Mantis on the woodwork of the house as it was changing its colour to adapt to the background.

Winter Mantis 1

Winter Mantis 2

Enjoy the weekend.


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