A pale summer dawn.

Today our summer holiday starts, enjoy.


Like many other business concerns my barbershop also has its Christmas decoration displayed.

Enjoy the day.

Our shopping malls are dressed up for the Christmas season At one shop I saw four Rudolfs, but not red nose reindeers they were totally red.


Midweek again, enjoy.


Leading to the far off mountains.

A Hibiscus bloom close to the ground.

Enjoy a super week.


At the crack of a summer dawn.

Enjoy the day of rest.


As the year draws to an end our physios treated the old crocks with spine problems to a reception which also included a light pilates session.

Some of those not on the field took part on the balcony.

Enjoy the weekend.


Two photos say it all.

Enjoy the start of the weekend.

Some adults enjoying themselves.

Even dogs were welcome.

Have a super day.

Some of the young beauties that were there.

20 days to Xmas, enjoy the day.