Even from behind one can see how alert this guy is.

Taken at dog training.

Enjoy a blessed day.

Easter Sunday lunch.

Pepper steak

Steak Bearnaise

Enjoy a super weekend.

Doves kissing in the driveway.

Not a great photo, had to be pretty fast and the light also did not play along. Nevertheless I kept it for sentimental reasons. Enjoy the day.

Enjoy a super day.


Say no more. Enjoy  the day.

The playful small one at training, always chasing sticks.

Enjoy the start of the new but short work week.

He is a big one and so friendly.

Enjoy the day.

A well behaved pack of dogs at training.

Enjoy a blessed day.

Sunset Wednesday past and we did get some much needed rain during the night.

Enjoy the day.

The twins, who is who.

Happy Easter to all.