Yesterday turned out to be a great day for us Cape Townians. The day started off with banks of rain promising clouds around us.

By midmorning our hopes were shattered when bright sunlight ruled the day. However, the weather prophets eventually one the day and shortly after noon the clouds delivered their promise. Had not seen rain like this for over a year.

Came sunset it was if nature had a message for us – winter is around the corner. Albeit a pale sunset all the winter trappings were there – cold and some red clouds above the horizon.

Have a great day.


As the saying goes one is never to old to learn. Ten days ago I was carrying a carving board with left over meat and the carving knife to the kitchen when the knife slipped off the board and hit my leg. First thoughts were oh it is just a cut of the skin. However, when it did not want to stop bleeding my wife insisted we go to the close by clinic for attention. Well it was not only the skin that was cut, the tip of the knife penetrated the muscle as well. A few stitches later and all patched we returned home.

Razor sharp and honed by me.

The lesson learnt is carry sharp knives to wherever by hand and not on a platter or carving board.

Enjoy the day.

Visited friends living in Britania Bay some two and a half hour drive away on the West Coast. It is a small retirement village on the coast, but for swimming I venture to say the Atlantic Ocean is to cold for such activity. Below a few pics.

Enjoy the day.

Returning to Cape Town traveling on the R27 after a day up the West Coast one knows the journey is almost over when this view materialises.

Enjoy the start of the new week.

White clouds overhead reaching for the blue sky.

It did not rain and the drought lingers on.

Enjoy a peaceful Sunday.

Two small ones at training and not scared of the big ones.

Enjoy a blessed day.

Inside the Organic Zone a small shop nearby where all produce sold are organic.

Enjoy the day and don’t be superstitious.


The well behaved pack of friendly dogs obeying the down command.

The front two are our pooches.

Have a super day.

If this is not cute then I do not know what it is.

Enjoy the day.

The pack and handlers get together again after the Easter break and training resumes.

Enjoy a blessed day.