Enjoying a gentle game at training.

Rough game

One month to Christmas.  Enjoy the day.

I suddenly realised it is the last week of the month and that I can not be without the Mac.  Spent yesterday morning playing around with the software settings hoping to find the error that was messing me around.  Patience, commonsense and perserverence paid off and I think a setting that reset itself to factory default was the cause.  After I reset it the Mac seems to be working correctly again.   Time will tell.

Here a few more pics from dog training, I just love those dogs albeit not the easiest of subjects to photograph.

Just had a biscuit

Had a biscuit

High speed

High speed

A gentle oldman

Old man but young

Enjoy a super day.

One very happy dog at training.

Happy pooch

Enjoy the start of the new week.

Got the Mac going to a degree but not happy so it will go in to the iStore for a full check up and service tomorrow. At the same time I will ask them to double the memory. The process will take about four days so I hope to get it back on Friday latest.  Meanwhile a pic of one very concerned pooch taken at training.

One serious pooch

Enjoy a super day of rest.

My MacBook is on the blink and will be going in for repairs as soon as I have completed making a full backup. Meanwhile I will be on an oldish standby PC so I can still read your blogs.  Have a super day.

A loveable scruffy face.

Scruffy face, but sweet

Have a super day.

A cute door knocker for dog lovers.


Enjoy the day.

A new client/visitor to the Ferndale Nursery will soon notice the ducks that freely move around the premises, not only outside but even inside the shop itself.  They lend a special country side atmosphere doing their own thing while ignoring the customers.

Ducks 1

Ducks 2

With November half gone one realises how 2015 is running out. Enjoy the start of the new week.

I call this one at training Ragamuffin as it is always covered in dry grass.  A highly active pup and chooses to play with the bigger dogs.


Enjoy a blessed Sunday.

A few pics taken at a nursery with summer in mind.





Enjoy the weekend.


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