Sometimes we do get nice cloud formations here in Cape Town.

This cluster, however, brought us no rain.

Enjoy the day.


After the welcome rain.

Enjoy the day.

Finally Raffirty is fully grown and wild as ever.

Midweek, enjoy.

An early morning sunrise

Enjoy a super day.

Dawn after a night’s welcome rain.

Enjoy a great start to the new week.

Purple and green, summer colours.

Enjoy a lovely day.

Building up to rain, most welcome clouds.

And a little rain we got, regardless.

A soft reddish dawn after a night’s rain.

Have a great weekend.

Five red spots on yellow.

Have a great day to start the weekend.

Been very windy as of late making it virtually impossible to catch bees and butter flies with a camera. However, I succeed in catching this fellow on a flower where it briefly settled.

Enjoy a blessed day.