Not a great photo, but is was great luck when this hawk rested in a nearby tree.

Having line problems like in no telephone line and this resulted in re-activating my VodafoneMobileWifi which is damn expensive. Nevertheless two pics chosen at random from my archives.

Checking for pmail.

A kite over head.

Enjoy the weekend.

The gondolas to take one to the summit of Table Mountain

The old

The new

Enjoy the day.

Our Monty

The other Monty at training.

Enjoy the day.

Both young and in training.

Have a blessed midweek day.

Homemade door bell at a gift shop.

Enjoy the day.

….. autumn dawn.

Have a pleasant new week.

Dream cars from yonder years.

Have a great day of rest.

A colourful suburb. Taken in the Bo Kaap (Upper Cape Town).

Have a great weekend.

A very playful boerbull pup at training. Amazing to think he is still growing.

Enjoy preparing for the weekend.