A lizard on a log on the slopes of Table Mountain enjoying the sun.

Enjoy a super day.

Rock formations in Cape Point

Enjoy a great day.

When I was a teenager some fifty years ago we use to buy or wine in ceramic casks like these.

Today these casks have become collectors’ items and virtually impossible to find.

Enjoy a super day.

Enjoying a leisurely swim

Wishing all a great start to the new week.

A music maker at a restaurant, Stellenbosch.

Enjoy the day of rest and here thanks to welcome rain we will spend our time indoors.

A Black Wing Stilt fishing

Have a super weekend.

Enjoy the day

A black gecko on a rock, Table Mountain National Park.

Enjoy a blessed day.

At my favourite  coffee shop.

Coffee makes everything better

Specials of the day

Enjoy midweek.

No parking space available

Enjoy a super day.