Fortunately we were early and I could get a shot of the bar before the crowds came in and took over.


Beer on tap


The kitchen in full swing



Locks and door handles on a wall


Brioche roll and pork belly was my main choice for the meal and was scrumptious


Truly a family gathering place outside on a nice day


Enjoy a super day.

Strange how often one will drive for an hour or more to get to a restaurant with an excellent repute for lunch when just around the corner there are other superb places to satisfy the appetite. Not even twenty minutes drive from here is the Open Door a gem tucked away at the Constantia Uitsig Wine Estate.  Sunday past we went there for lunch and what a pleasant surprise.  Below some pics taken of the area outside which allows one to forget that you are actually still within the metropole limits.

View towards Constantiaberg


Nothing like a good lunch after some mountain cycling


From bygone days when silver was mined in the mountains


For the adventurous a mountain cycling training course, the kids delight



The follow up will take us inside the Open Door.

Enjoy a super day.

Usually one will see birds take water baths, however this bulbull decided that a sand bath will do fine.


This dove has no people fear and at times will come as close as a few meters from one before taking to the sky.

People don't scare me

Cloudy weather prevented me from catching a pic of the new year’s first full moon.  However, luck allowed me to catch the waining crescent before the first dark moon of 2016

Waning crescent

Enjoy the start of the new week.

When enjoying a great lunch at Towerbos I noticed a group of young people all dressed in white having lunch there too.  However, at regular intervals they all went and fully clothed jumped into the pool.  My curiosity got the better of me and I approached a young lady who was part of the group and asked for a little explanation as to what was their occasion. She smile and told me that she and her husband had their wedding reception there three years ago on 31 January.  It was then decided that every year they and the bride maids and best men will come to Towerbos on the Sunday closest to 31 January and they will all be dressed in white and if hot enough take dips fully dressed in the pool.  Here two pics I stole paparazzi way.



Was nice to see there are still young spirited folk around, especially in this age of technology.  Enjoy a super day.

Some more pics of the decorations etc at the Towerbos restaurant.

Plates on a wall


Red wines on promotion


Keeping the wine cold


Cutlery as decoration


…. and saucers too

DSC_0105 (1)

This plate brought back memories from the late 1980s and early 1990s when I was ambassador in the then Zaïre now the Democratic Congo.  How and where the owners got hold of the now defunct official crockery I do not know, but is was lovely having my meal served on a historical official platter decorated with the old coat of arms.


To celebrate the christening of nephew and niece’s baby we went to a lovely restaurant on a wine estate in the Stellenbosch district.  The restaurant is called Towerbos (Magic Forest) and the cuisine lived up to the name – it was magic. The inviting section under the trees, but at 40C (104F) we opted to sit inside where it was a wee bit cooler.

Under the trees


Inside, our table set and ready


Some pics of old collectable used as decorations


Before the computer and texting age


Wine flasks from some sixty years plus ago


Wines on promotion


And the menu


Surely a place to go revisit again and again.  End of the week, enjoy your Friday and I hope not as hot as ours are predicted to become – 34C (93.2F).

A father teaching his girls to roller skate

Roller blade training

Enjoy the day.

Following up on yesterday’s post here another example of the woodworker’s handy work which calls for dainty fingers and heavy concentration.  The guy, when it comes to working with wood, is a true artist.





Gosh midweek again, enjoy.

Had the opportunity on Saturday past to visit an acquaintance where he demonstrated the making of a wooden bowl out of a piece of raw wood.

Making a bowl 1

Making a bowl 2

Making a bowl 3

Making a bowl 4

Making a bowl 5

Albeit that it was quite a dusty experience the smell of the freshly cut wood was invigorating.

Enjoy a super day.


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