It is a gorgeous early winter day in Cape Town.  Intend taking a suburban camera walk when the golden hour arrives.  However, if ever you see this sign on the car ahead of you play safe and keep a good distance.

Keep distance

Within the confines of the False Bay Ecological Park we find the Strandfontein Bird Sanctuary. Went there on Sunday and will admit I have never seen so many flocks of densely populated Flamingos. Not even with the naked eye could one get a clear focussed view on the masses of pink and I hope the photos below conveys some of what I saw.





The start of a new week, but for us in South Africa it is a public holiday (Workers’ Day).  Nevertheless where ever you are enjoy.

This can be eaten and enjoyed, but not good for weight watchers.

50th 6

Not edible and poisonous

Ribbed fungi

Mushrooms 4

This can be eaten and enjoyed, but not good for weight watchers.

Enjoy the day of rest.

The Anglican church on the Braak (square) Stellenbosch

Anglican Church on Braak, S'bosch

Enjoy the weekend.

I just love them, so for me no vermin.

Autumn squirrel

Autumn squirrel 1

Autumn squirrel 2

It was almost tame and I could get to within three metres of it before it hastened away.

Friday past we had a mother of storms in Cape Town allowing the the Cape to live up to its name the Cape of Storms.  Rain bucketed down on us and the wind took care of a number of trees by uprooting them and in some areas roofs were also damaged or completely blown off the structure it covered.  I the predictions of the weather prophets are correct for this evening and tomorrow it looks like a repeat is on the cards.

This uprooted tree fell side ways so the road was not blocked.

Blown over tree

Enjoy the day.

An interesting house house I saw while on holiday in Switzerland. Unfortunately I could not get the history behind it.



Midweek again. Enjoy the day.

Final of the Morges flower display.



View on the misty Alps from the shore of the lake



Without the swans the flower display will not be complete


Enjoy the day.

More flowers in Morges.



Boy and girl dancing





Enjoy the start of the new week.


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