The first butterfly


Hadedas grazing in the garden

Hadedas grazing

Yellow and green

Yellow and green

Enjoy the weekend.

How many readers remember this and how many experienced it when shopping.

Antique scale

Having a freezing day over here, bur spring is on the doorstep.

Traveling from Cape Town to Stellenbosch or Somerset West we have a choice of two routes, the N2 freeway or the Baden Powell route along the coast.  We always take the latter because it is the more scenic, albeit slower than the N2 due to speed restrictions.

Beach scenes along Baden Powell



Friday again and getting ready for the weekend.  Enjoy the day.

Nestled between the Atlantic Ocean on the west and the Indian Ocean on the east and lying snugly against a mountain range weather forecasts for Cape Town can merely be seen as rough indications of what to expect.  This stormy weather to the most surprising early spring days.

23 August, a cold sunset warning us of a looming storm on approach

Cold August sunset

The following day, lo and behold, no storm and the first blossoms of spring burst out during the night

First blossoms

Caught this Hadeda as it was about to take off from a sunny spot beneath the apple tree where the first blossoms made their appearance.

Hadeda taking off

Have a blessed day.

A few shots taken at the time of an airport run.  Thanks to the window panes some are slightly out of focus.

The entrance hall


The check in hall


Singapore International landing


A Mango flight departing


Table Mountain in the mist as seen on the way home


Have a super day.

From Fairview we headed to the Stark-Condé estate in Jonkershoek to go and have lunch at the Postcard Café.




The meal was accompanied by a delightful Pino Noir


And a few paparazzi pics sneaked in

A waitron taking orders


Sunshine, red wine and texting


Mother and child


Have a blessed day.

Fairview’s shop shares the same floor with the wine tasting section and is not strange to notice shoppers shopping with a glass of wine in one hand.



But the main attraction seems to be the cheese and related foods section.

Breads to crave for



And the rest of the items to choose from




After completing the cheese shopping we left for Jonkershoek outside Stellenbosch for lunch at the Postcard Café.  More about that to come.

Enjoy a super start to the new week.

(Note: The photos above were taken with a new lens (Sigma 18mm to 300mm) I have acquired and no flash was used.

The Safari and Outdoors shop is a paradise for those who follow camping and hiking as their activities.  It also caters for all the needs of hunters which is not in my field of interest.

Was not really impressed when I saw this


From here we left for the Fairview Estate with the sole purpose to go buy some of their exquisite cheeses while giving their wine tasting the blind eye.  Fairview is amongst others known for their goat cheeses.

The welcome committee



On the way to the shop and wine tasting area one passes a large fish pond inhabited by gold fish and some of the largest kois I have seen.


An artist went wild with scrap iron and discarded parts of farm implements and produced this tricycle.


Enjoy a super day.

After Beyerskloof, the wine tasting and wine purchasing we left for the Spice Route near Paarl to have lunch.  On the way we stopt at Devon where son-in-law wanted to go to the Safari and Outdoor shop. The name says it all.  Took some photos there including of a subject I am not very comfortable with.  Will give that away in the follow up post.


A cactus at the entrance


Won’t chance touching that stem of the cactus


Simonsberg towering over Stellenbosch as seem from Devon


With the family gone we are settling back into our normal quiet routine, but the house feels empty.  Enjoy a super day.

Went on the Stellenbosch wine route earlier this week and stopped in at Beyerskloof where we spent quite some time spoiling the taste buds with the juice of the grape.



The Chenin Blanc shown here was somewhat of a disappointment.  However, Beyerskloof is known for its reds and rosés and that is where we almost over stepped the line.  To enhance the taste of the reds we enjoyed a salami made with Pinotage as a side dish.


Somewhat of a sad day ahead as the children and grandchildren will be returning home to Switzerland in some five hours time.  Nevertheless the ten days they spent here were enjoyed to the fullest.

Have a super day preparing for the weekend.


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