A misty prelude to the first dark moon of our winter.

Maybe if the clouds disappear which I doubt we will see the first new moon of our winter tonight.

…. bring a bit of rain which was better than nothing.

Beautiful promising clouds.

Enjoy the day of rest.

Early morning clouds photos taken over a two hour timespan.

Have a super day.

Final preparation

Ready to start

The drill bit

Starting to drill

Already a few meters down

Hopefully the task will be successfully completed today.

Enjoy the start to May’s final weekend.

The rig arrived and it took almost a day to prepare everything before the drilling could start. Not being a drill master I will admit most of that was Greek to me.

Arrival of the rig

The rig set up and ready to start drilling

Two more days of noise and disruption ahead but for a good cause.

Enjoy the day.

Today is a big day here. Our borehole will be sunk. Guestimation is that we should hit the subterranean water at about 45 to 50 meters.

Arrival of the tank

Positioning the tank

The tank capacity is 5000 liters and should serve well to water the garden and top up the pool.

Enjoy the midweek day.

Bon apetit

Still no sign of rain, but our borehole will be sunk this week and what is left of the garden will be saved.

A winter sunrise.

However, we did not get any rain.

Enjoy the day.

Our first true winter sunset.

Have a super start to the new week.

The drought we are suffering seemed to have deprived us of our usual insect life. However, yesterday a praying mantis made its appearance and I caught in a split moment before it disappeared into oblivion.

Enjoy a great evening before the new week starts.