More views, mot to see.

A public holiday here so I should have all day to find out where my photo programme went wrong.

Enjoy the day.



Other than the spectacular show of Clivias there are numerous other things to view at Babylonstoren such as the show of blooming Sourfigs.

Filling an irrigation pond in the gardens

Airum lilies in bloom

The entrance to the cactus (Prickly Pears) patch

njoy a quiet pleasant day.


More Clivia shots. I also understand that the Clivia is poisonous and should not be planted along with vegatables. Nevertheless it remains a beautiful flower.

Enjoy a super weekend.

As life goes one never knows what surprises may suddenly come up. Thanks to an observant visitor the under photographed object was noticed on one of the pickup’s one tyre. Thank heavens it was embedded horizontally or my vocabulary would have been enriched tremendously in addition to maybe at speed it could have been worse.

Nail on, not in, a tyre, picked up horizontally by the tread

Still counting my luck.

Dating back to 1692, Babylonstoren is a historic Cape Dutch farm that boasts one of the best preserved farmyards in the Cape. Beloved for its magnificent garden that is laid out over 3,5 hectares (8 acres), the garden is divided into 15 sections that comprise fruit, vegetables, berries, bees for pollinating, indigenous plants, fragrant lawns, a prickly pear maze, ducks and chickens, and more. A secluded path runs along the stream where thousands of clivias flower in spring. The garden also boasts a plethora of trees of historical and botanical import. Every aspect of Babylonstoren – including the contemporary Farm Hotel & Spa, the Farm Shop and Bakery – are led by the ever-changing tapestry and botanical diversity of the garden.

Visited Babylonstoren earlier this week to see amongst others the some 8ooo clivias in bloom and what an awesome sight, not even the word “spectacular” accurately describes it. I hope the photos will give an impressive idea of our experience.

More to follow. Enjoy preparing for the weekend.

Babylonstoren two very friendly and pettable donkeys that greats one at the entrance to the gardens.

Trompie the Spanish one

Rachel the Palestinian one

Have a great day.

Two early morning visitors and can these Egyptian geese make a noise, but a welcome noise praising nature with eagerness.

Posing on a house gable.


Just as I sat myself down with a mug of coffee at 4:30 am getting ready to boot the PC the security light was activated.  While observing the outside from the safety of inside the culprit made its appearance – our one cat that beat me in waking up.

A garden view by security light

Midweek again so enjoy.

In spite of the extreme drought we have been going through we are blessed by some spring flowers in our garden.

And that is it for now – colourful.


Caught this sunbird at my study door at a moment of luck as they are extremely alert to any form of movement.

Enjoy a super day.