An autumn daybreak over Cape Town.

Autumn daybreak

Have a joyous start to the new week.

Caught under a table in the garden a yellow Praying-mantis.


This the time I have seen one in this colour.  Enjoy a super Sunday.

No kind of smoking allowed.


Now to wait and see how many others will follow.

Another beauty at class.


She is gentleness personified.

Enjoy a super weekend.

No, he is not called Hamlet, but he is great, big and friendly.

Not Hamlet

End of the work week, enjoy the day.

This pup at training is the sweetness itself.

Sweetness itself

Enjoy a super day.

Unfortunately we missed the day or this would have been my St Patric’s Day post.

Three Irish terrors.


Can’t win them all. ¬†Have a blessed day.

And his name is Fred.


Enjoy a super day.

Two model “students” at dog training.


Enjoy the start of the new work week.

Our first truly autumn daybreak of the year.


Enjoy a super Sunday.


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