Eager and ready to go play along with the pack.

Eager beaver

Had good rain last night.  Enjoy the day.

A fiery horizon at an autumn daybreak.

Burning horisn

Enjoy the start of the new week.

An autumn sunrise over Cape Town


Enjoy the day.

One of the very wild ones at training, but he is not aggressive at all, only super playful.



Beautiful not so. Enjoy the day.

New at training is this cuty with its hairy ears.

Hairy ears

These two puppies were brought for a short visit to get familiar with large dogs before they will be introduced to a puppy class soon.

Puppies to meet big dogs

Another week gone, enjoy preparing for the weekend.

“Shall I obey the command or ignore it”

Pretty serious

Enjoy the day.

Game time at training and these ones are asking to play.

Asking for a game 1

Asking for a game 2

Time flies, midweek again. Enjoy the day.

The small and the big at training.

The big and the small

Have a blessed day.

One serious pooch at training.


Enjoy the new week.

Taken at dog training.

Yearning to go


Enjoying a rough game


And as cute as can be, the West Highland White Terrier

West landhigh white terrier

Enjoy a peaceful day.


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