Groot Constantia is the oldest wine estate in South Africa, over 300 years old. Took a friend from Belgium there for lunch yesterday (more about that in another blog post).

The original homestead on the farm (two photos)which today is a museum.

Have a great start to the new week.


Roof painters

Dolling up a shopping center.

Enjoy the day of rest.

As we are heading towards autumn there are still signs around of some destruction caused by summer storms like this tree in Nirvana Park.

Enjoy a great weekend.

Sunrise a week ago brought a deafening silence, not even the birds were singing and the day turned out a dry scorcher.

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The iPad has become a popular companion in coffee shops and restaurants.

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A lovely late summer sunrise.

Had a little thunderstorm last night that gave us a most welcome 5mm rain.

Enjoy midweek.

I have in earlier posts mentioned our drought, a drought that is now receiving international news coverage as we approach day zero when the taps will run dry. Here two photos showing what it looks like in Cape Town. Two years ago this was a green field.

Our pooched running in the brown

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A sign coffeeholics will appreciate.

Have a great start to the new week.

A tree trunk reshaped by the wind. Taken on the slope of Table Mountain.

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Albeit only 3mm it did rain last night and that was more than just welcome. Apparently in the catchment area 20mm fell, but the water restrictions are here to stay for quite some time. Hopefully once winter is here there will be plenty rain.

Enjoy the day.