Almost lunch time at the Olive Branch.

Have a super day.


The socialisation classes for the dogs resumed Saturday past and much to the delight of our pooches. Amongst the newbies was Zorba a friendly six month old Boerbul pup.

Enjoy the start of the new week.


Let the photos comment.

Enjoy a peaceful day.

We are always asked by people visiting here for the first time what are the covered hoola hoops on the pool for. When placed together these hoops cover 25% of the pool thus minimising evaporation by 25%.  The drought has given rise to many novel ideas to save water.

Hoola hoops on the pool.

Enjoy the weekend.

Another borehole being sunk in an attempt to fight the drought. The neighbour had a wellpoint which is only some ten meters deep. The wellpoint dried up in September last year and now he went for a proper borehole.

Not clear yet at which depth they struck the aquifer and what the litre yield per hour is.

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With the moon waning and but merely a sliver in the sky here a photo on the first super moon of the year setting over Cape Town.

Taken on 3 January 2018 at 05h20.

Enjoy a super day wherever you are.

Profile of a friendly Malamud at training.

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Yesterday I posted about pink feathers. This morning it is pink flora.

Have a blessed day.


A flock of flamingos colouring the water.

Wishing all a great start to the new week.


The Mother Church in Stellenbosch.

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