Lunch time

My birthday lunch a month ago. Roast beef, calamari and chips.

And it was a whopper. The drink was brandy and water.

Enjoying a beautiful spring day in Cape Town today.



Late winter early morning moonrise

Enjoy a great day.



And here you will stop.

Stop doing strenuous things and enjoy the weekend.


At last my Mac is back and so am I. Below a little early spring visitor in the garden.

Enjoy a super day.


A well decorated wall in a restaurant.

Enjoy the weekend. I will be missing for a few days as the PC must go in for service.

Remember these and correction fluid.

Memories from long ago.

Enjoy a super day.

Wine casks from some fifty plus years ago.

Enjoy midweek.

A wave splashes over the retaining wall of the tidal pool in Kalkbay, Cape Town.

Enjoy a super day.


Enjoy your dinner