Egyptian geese in a field


The amazing thing is they pair for life.

Have a super day.

Don’t see them here very often, but sometime luck comes one’s way.  Caught this guy in our drive. After the pic was taken he was carefully removed into a flower bed and out of harms way.


Midweek again and enjoy the day.

Sunrise on 22 September.

Spring dawn 9 2016

This however, was no sailor’s warning. Enjoy the day.

The forecast said rain and this what we got!

No rain

Enjoy the start of the new week.

She is the smallest in the pack at training, but more active than a nuclear explosion.

Tammy 1

As I was about to give up and decide Tammy is more suited for video Lady Luck looked kindly upon me and I got this portrait showing her very big ears clearly.

Tammy 2

Enjoy a super Sunday.

A battle for the stick, two friends at it.

Stick fight

Have a super day.

AGAIN a world first in South Africa. What a pity that politically and in race relations we are light years behind the Veterinary science.

The first Cape buffalo calf conceived through in vitro fertilisation has been born on a game farm in Limpopo, in a breakthrough in the fight to preserve endangered animals.

Quite often when I post photos of dogs I am asked if it is our dogs.  No these photos were all taken at dog training and now I think perhaps a photo of our dogs will not be out of place.  The photo below of our Boxer and Collie/Husky cross was taken some three years ago and show the two in one of their favourite positions.

Loving pair

Enjoy the start to the weekend.

This young Rottweiler at training is like gentleness itself.


Have a super day.

Profile of a great face.

Profile Boerboel 1

Front view

Profile Boerboel 2

It is big dog usually very friendly but training is a must.