The start of a rainy autumn day.


It is Saturday and a day of sport, enjoy.

When Boxers play there is no end to facial expressions.

Boxer at play

Have a good day to the start of the weekend.

The final stretch of the trail was spectacular in any manner, but was a killer on the thighs and the feet.  Add to this that once we got into the open we had to endure a temperature of 33C (91.4F).

Looking down from a dizzy hight.


The Kirstenbosch reservoir virtually empty showning the urgent for the winter rains to come.


Hitting the hot return stretch.


Four more kilometers to go.


That concludes the April hike which was challenging and left one with sore legs and feet but with a feeling of satisfaction that it was done.  Have a blessed day.

A moss covered stone passed on the way.


Having a breather break to let the leg muscles rest a bit.


A sunny break for a few meters.


The King Proteas are getting ready to go into full bloom.


A weathered rock along the trail.


This moss covered kranz is actually a waterfall in the rainy season, but now a hardly visible trickle of water feeds it.


Midweek again so enjoy the day.

This was the last easy going stretch of the trail going up.


The welcome sign of the shade giving trees that will protect us from the blazing sun.



This is some tall Eucalyptus tree along the trail.


And finally the going started getting tough.



Interesting morning ahead for me.  Must go to the iStore again as new problems with the laptop cropped up.  No big deal but I want it seen to by the experts.  Have a super day.

As we slowly gained hight we still has some pleasant views to enjoy before entering the forest section of the trail, but by now one could feel the sting in the heat of the morning sun.


A protruding boulder above the trail.


A farmhouse and vineyards far down below.


Final view on Muizenberg to the south before we reached the shady section under the trees to our way up to the waterfall.


Remains of a tree that grew in a boulder cluster.


Enjoy a super start to the new week.

Ah, we are in the swing of autumn with misty early mornings.

Morning mist

With our electricity production crisis we are again in for load shedding, read deliberate black outs, today.  However, it is not a great problem as we can upgrade to other sources of energy.

Upgraded from eletricity

Enjoy the afternoon.

The trail itself  allowed for sections presenting some beautiful views of the scenery of the Peninsula. while at the same time made for easy walking.


A lonely dead tree.


A rocky outcrop.


Muizenberg in the far distance.


View on False Bay.


Enjoy a great day of rest and leisure.

And the photos are back up and running again.  Took a visit to the iStore and then over two hours to solve problems on my own and familiarise myself with Apple’s new Photo programme which is a combination of iPhoto and Aperture, so one now uses only one programme.  Apple kept the cumbersome of iPhoto and dropped the simplicity of Aperture.  Wow, i will never understand the Nerds.  Anyway, a pick for today and tomorrow the April hike will continue, all this because of that South African weakness called rugby – five matches to follow today, the first in twenty minutes.

A Sunbird caught in the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens.

Sugar bird

Yesterday I updated my Mac and this morning I discovered that there are no photo albums left in the Mac.  Will have to go to the iStore this morning and hope for the best. Hope to be back with photos soon.


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