A lunch time reader in a coffee shop.


Midweek again, enjoy the day.

Standing patiently waiting for the next command.


At play pulling my chum’s ear.


We are in for a true winter Tuesday with flood and gale force wind warnings. Enjoy a super day wherever you are.

We can almost say the coldest part of our winter is over.  Already some shops are displaying spring merchandise like the wheelbarrows at a close by hardware shop.


Enjoy the start of the new week.

Had a surprise visit.

Egyptian geese 1

However the dogs were not too impressed and the Egyptian geese took to the pool for safety.

Egyptian geese 4

Enjoy a blissful day.

Had some excitement in our suburb yesterday morning. I could not establish what happened as the few witnesses standing around were not prepared to speak.  Apparently there were no injuries. Looking at the damage to the BMW involved my assumption is that both speed and carless driving were involved as the speed limit on that road is 60 km/h (30 mph) and the stretch where the collision occurred is dead straight.

Doordrift crash 1

Doordrift crash 2

Doordrift crash 3

Doordrift crash 4

Someone’s weekend has been truly spoilt.

Enjoy the day.

Three more of the small ones at dog socialisation class.


Dutchy power

Small but cute

Friday and another week passed by at speed.

A German Shepherd getting a Basset hug.

Basset embrace

Enjoy your day.

Two opposites at dog training.

The alert one.


The casual walker.

West landhigh white terrier

enjoy a super day.

Why can’t people not get along like this? Why must there be Baton Rouges?

A warm greeting.

Saying hello

Getting ready for a great game of chase.

Starting the game

Enjoy a peaceful day.

In Cape Town we have what we call factory shops where on can buy many items cheaper than at the customary shops.  One such factory we frequently go to is called Nibbly Bits and is not recommended to anyone following a weight loss diet.  Nibbly Bits specialises in selling excellent biscuits and rusks of a great variety and at much cheaper prices than what one pay for similar at the super markets or confectionary shops.

Shelves loaded with biscuits and rusks

Nibbly Bits 1

Nibbly Bits 2

it is the start of a new week, enjoy and have a super week ahead.


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