Full moon rising over Cape Town, 1 July 2015



Can’t believe it, it is Friday again.

Enjoy your day.

It was a great Father’s Day lunch we enjoyed two weeks ago at the Eikendak Wine Cellars near Stellenbosch. Upon arrival one is greeted by a sure sigh that there is no shortage of wine available.


Wine tasting

Albeit that it was a chilly day the weather did not prevent the nature fundis sitting outside enjoying the winter sun while indulging in the offerings from the kitchen.

Giovanni 3

Let us face it the Western Cape offers something for all tastes.

Enjoy a blessed day.

Caught in midwinter does not deprive us from enjoying the colours of flowers.

Colours in a tree

Tree flowers

Gosh, midweek again and enjoy it.

Who says the Irish are boring?  This pup is activity personified.

The Irish wolfhound pup at training.

Irish Wolfhound pup

Enjoy a super day.

To a degree a pack of dogs at training can be very much like a class of young school kids, unruly if left on their own, cooperative when their attention is caught and discipline exercised and there is the naughty (mischievous) one and I put the Dalmatian in class in the latter category.

Two pics of the mischievous one

Spotty profile

Spotty face

Enjoy the start of what will hopefully be a super week.

Sunset after a stormy day


Sunshine today is the promise for us.

Driving is a pleasure, but at times it can be annoying and a nerve taxing experience.  I find the tailgater the most annoying of all rotten drivers.  For example if one travels at 75 kilometres per hour (+/-46 miles per hour ) you travel at 20 meters per second and this fact should have one realise the importance of keeping a safe distance behind the car ahead of you.  If the front car in the pic below suddenly had to brake in an emergency like a stupid pedestrian running across the road (a popular past time here) the car behind would have slammed straight into it.  I cannot see how that driver would have had enough time to change the foot from the gas peddle to the brake peddle and avoid a collision.

M speeding fine 2

Those two cars were travelling at 75 km/h.  The reason I know is it was in a 60 km/h zone and I have to cough up a R400 (+/- US$40) fine.  Smile and have a super Saturday.

Recalling Father’s Day on Sunday past I could not help recalling the meal I had.  The quality of the food was superb, but regretfully the quantity overshadowed my capacity and I had to send a dirty plate back.

Veal cordon blue, scrumptious

Veal cordon blue

After the meal and on the house a delicious grappa was served


During the time we spent at the lunch table the weather partially cleared allowing us this view of the Stellenbosch mountains seen from the Eikendal cellars where we met for the lunch.  A true sign of being winter is the brown leafless vineyards in the foreground.

Mountain view

Friday again and getting ready for the weekend.  Enjoy your day.

Came across this baby in Woodstock.  By the look of things the owner is in the process of restoring it.  No indication what model it is, but my wild guess is that it could be a De Soto or Plymouth from a far gone yesteryear.


Still raining and cold, but I won’t complain the dams and reservoirs need it.

Enjoy a super day.

Seen in Woodstock

This truck had seen better days.


Enjoy a super day.


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