With the arrival of summer the snail population also increased much to the disgust of the gardeners.

Enjoy the day.



With the passing of time we had to have a window replaced as the wood started giving up the spirit.

Removing the frame

The frame removed

The new window installed

Enjoy the new week.

A late winter dawn.

An early spring dawn.

And so the seasons change. Have a super day.



A superb beggar at training.

Enjoy the weekend.

Traditionally our thatch roof buildings had no ceilings in the rooms. Below what it looked like on the inside.

Inside the Rhodes Memorial restaurant.

Enjoy the day.

If anybody read the book Jonatan Livingstone Seagull this video will move you. Thank you Niel Diamond.

A statue of a lion at the Rhodes Memorial, Cape Town.

Have a great day.


Chocolates on sale at the Lindt shop in Canal Walk. A display no sweet tooth can resist.

Enjoy the day.


Daybreak on 1 October and it turned into a beautiful pleasant day.

Enjoy the day.

This says it all.

Have great new week.