If there is a topic topping the list in South Africa today it is the weather.  Everybody caught off guard by an extreme cold snap.  For years prediction of the weather held my attention and so much so that that I have ventured into prophesizing the “tomorrow’s” weather on a daily basis.  Not only do I make comparisons between all the predictions, I also then make my own.

The rain is over

Using other external tools such as recorded temperatures, humidity and wind direction, the clarity of the mountains or the haze that engulfs the mountains are all tools I use in my predictions.  Without blowing my own trumpet I can humbly admit that I am extremely consistent in failing every prediction I make.  Now I wonder is that the professional meteorologist’s daily fear?

There will be rain tomorrow

Oh well, the reality is that they say a second cold front should hit us this coming weekend and then hopefully winter will consider to start standing aside for spring’s entrance.  Hopeful, am I not.  Have a great day.