My sincerest thanks to all those bloggers that included me in the roll of honour.  Now this old codger is somewhat technically impaired and gets totally confused on nominating, linking and posting.  Yea, I am the product of the first year of the Second World War and I do hope you will smile it out with me.  Good heavens I have over three hundred bloggers to nominate and that is nigh impossible timewise with all the links and what have you not.  Brainwise I fear I won’t make it, maybe blow the computer.  Suffice it to say when I boot up and open the programme I hope to see as many as possible of the bloggers I follow.  Some days I am flooded and extremely happy, on other days I miss the absence of blogs I usually see.  But then we are all subject to the demands of time that we have no control over.  Nevertheless, all I can say is that all those bloggers I have subscribed to rock, so I cannot choose any out of the top of a list where all are the top to nominate.

And while on the topic of prizes etc I recall my golfing days in the Congo.  Even managed to win two trophies.  The large one in the pic below was won by default in one of the many social competitions we played.  Must mention that social golf in Knishasa included a snoot or two at the end of every hole played – some golfers never finished the course, but were recovered enough to join in the jollities of the nineteenth hole. By accident I ended up against another player in what is known as sudden death.  Well, we played that final hole over and ended equal in score.  Then it was too late for a repeat as darkness enveloped the equator.  By then the Skoll beers were facing extinction as the 19th hole party rolled on.  As my opponent who was leading well lost a ball and that favoured me and my score the judges decided that by default the trophy was mine.  That of course called for more beers and roaring laughter.  My opponent accepted the ruling in a good inebriated spirit.

For the love of Betsie I cannot recall the history behind the smaller trophy, but I do have a feeling it was during one of the more serious medal play days when everything went counter to my normal way of playing – Lady Luck was on my side.

In closure I nominate some 300 bloggers as bloggers of 2012 and I am sure you will hold your own again in 2013.
Have a super evening and most pleasant week ahead.