Almost a year ago we  fell victim to crime when my my laptop was stolen from my study and under our noses.  Today, New Year’s eve, we went through the same episode, but with a joke on me.  We were talking on Skype with our daughter in Switzerland.  Our chatting with daughter was on the laptop in the dining room where there is enough space to allow the cam to capture both myself and my wife on the the monitor (screen) on the other end.  Anyway I left to go check something and in the process peeped into my study and lo and behold the laptop was missing.  Wow, I threw a fit, my wife came charging through and threw her fit – we were robbed again.  While explaining our disaster to our daughter who was absolutely shocked the penny dropped – the missing laptop was on the dining room table !!!!!  This shows trauma does not just go away.

The supposedly stolen laptop, joke on me.


Have a great safe evening, see next year again,

(PS I do feel like an idiot supreme, have a laugh on me with me.)