Our Boxer, Monty, had a very serious leg operation when he was a year old and a pin was inserted in his right back leg.  Wild as Boxers are we always keep a close eye on that specific leg.  Suddenly he started sort of limping when walking casually.  So off to the vet we went.  After a thorough inspection the conclusion was the mutt stretched a muscle with his wild conduct and pills to dull the pain and relax the muscles were prescribed.

A peaceful quite dog? Come let us laugh

Mr Serious

Then we mentioned a small lump on the upper side of the same leg.  The vet gave us a very serious look and then started an investigation that not even Sherlock Holmes could match.  He then aspirated the little lump and disappeared to the surgery’s laboratory.  After some ten minutes he returned and said he suspects a mast cell tumour which is cancerous.  Did a second aspiration and disappeared.  When he returned he confirmed the first finding.  Now all that happened on Tuesday past.  All the vet said was “I am fully booked for tomorrow, but you will book him in for Thursday at 07H30 and the necessary will be done.”  He warned us it will be a big, not large, but big cut and after the op we will have to wait for the pathologist report as to which of the three categories of mast cell cancer we are dealing with.  We are hoping for category one.  (For those that do not know what mast cell cancer in dogs and cats are please go read here

http://www.kateconnick.com/library/mastcelltumor.html  )

Anyway on Thursday Monty went in.  Was a day of stress for us, after all one’s pets also become one’s children.  He was discharges at 4 pm and now I will let the photos to the talking.

Can’t see sideways, damn!!

Lampshade 1

Frontal view is perfect!

Lampshade 2

Sophie is not impressed and seems to not care!

lampshade 3 Sophie not impressed

Anyway, no big deal only seven stitches to seal up an eight centimeter cut in the skin! Remember I AM A BOXER!!!!!

Lampshade 8cm cut

Waring that lampshade drives me round the bend, Monty says.