Getting Monty to eat posed somewhat of a problem at first.  There was nothing wrong with his appetite, the problem was he could not get to his food due to what we call his lampshade.


A temporary solution was found in our ignorance and he was hand fed, baring in mind a Boxer’s drooling habits, it was quite some messy job, but it worked.

Feeding Monty 1]

I sat down with him and scooped the food into my hands and then fed it to him.

Feeding Monty 2

Then the penny dropped and I noticed a clasp on the strap that kept the shade in place.  Now if he wants a drink of water and when it is meal time the shade is simply removed and I stand by until he has finished his drink or meal and replace the shade before he can get his mouth to the cut on his thigh.

Enjoy a super day of rest.