It is not an event one wishes to call an anniversary, but today a year ago between 18H00 and 19Hoo local time some scum stole my laptop under our noses from my study.  At the time of the theft we were in the kitchen dishing up dinner, and as always the dogs were with us in the kitchen entertaining us with very hopeful begging faces.  In summer we use to leave all doors leading into the garden open to ensure some kind of breeze or airflow to move through the house to offset the high 20s/low 30s summer temperatures.  The thief managed by careful planning to prevent the motorgate from closing fully when I returned with the take aways for dinner and I did not notice it. So when I went through to the kitchen it was only a matter for him of running in through the open space, cover the forty meters to my study, rip the power cable out, grab the laptop and dash back out again.  Since then no exit door is left open and unbolted if we can not keep an eye on such door.  With time we have become accustomed to living in a kind of detention atmosphere, but life goes on.  Thanks to insurance I could replace the laptop without any costs to me, but the photos of which I had no back up are gone for ever.  With time I recovered most of the data lost.  Anyway today we live the security way.

View down the drive from my study door.

View from study door

Gosh, midweek again and January almost gone.  Have a super day.