Had our first ladies with male protection hike of the year.  The hike was on the right hand trail of the Tokai Forest hike.  The trail it self is moderate, but there is one rocky stone shed track that took its toll on the feet,  As far as views on the country side is concerned it was somewhat of a great disappointment, but for the rest, yes, by being sharp the photographer can catch a few great ones.  The hike itself took four hours and believe when I say my feet felt horrors at the end.  I think I must go and get new insteps for my boots, but that is a future advent.  And now on the hike words are basically uncalled for as the photos will do the talking.


Grouping for the hike.


And we are off on the trail.


The Eucalyptus that gave us temporary shade against the heat.


Victims od the saw.


Victim of time that can cause rotting.


More to follow.  Evening her, so enjoy yours, or morning maybe.