Since yesterday afternoon a large portion of the Table Mountain National Park has been subjected to a most destructive fire which started on the Muizenberg mountain.  Arial water bombardment of the fire yesterday, Sunday, was rendered impossible due to a near gail force South Easter.  Evacuations of people took place during the night and a number of homes were either damaged or burnt down.  Latest news is that it may take another three days before the fires are extinguished provided the South Easter behaves itself.  Below a few photos I took from a far distance this morning.  I decided wisdom dictates that I do not try and get as close as possible a spectators are not welcomed by the fire fighters as we can pose obstructions, so I paid heed to the stay away calls transmitted on radio stations.

Smoke covered mountain range seen from home.  Distance like the crow flies about six kilometers (just on 3 miles) way.

Fire 1

This fire portion on Muizenbarg is close to the suburb of West Lake.

Fire 2

Smoke, smoke and smoke above the Steenberg estate.

Fire 3

Smoke from the fire above West Lake seen from the M3 freeway.

Fire 4

An arial water bomber passing over our house on the way to his target.

Fire 5

The camera will be back in the supermarket tomorrow morning.

Enjoy the day.