Woke up my usual 4:40 am, went through the normal wake up routine and as I sat down and booted the laptop I had an uneasy feeling.  Once the laptop booted I got up, unlocked the door to the garden and went out.  What a wake up surprise, Constantiaberg, some four to five kilometers from here, was ablaze.

Constantiaberg on fire

Through out the day the blaze was arial bombed with water, but it seemed to be to no avail and the fire rekindled itself time and again.

Fire 6 Constantiaberg on fire

Fire 7 Constantiaberg on fire

At the time of this writing, 4pm local time,  Constatiaberg is completely covered in smoke which, thanks to the absense of wind, has not filtered down to us.  It looks like this is going to be a long struggle to get that mountain range fire under control, contained and extinguished.  A call has also gone out requesting hikers to avoid the Table Mountain National Park’s hiking trails until further notice.

Have a nice evening.