I must admit where we live we are safe and out of danger.  However, in one’s mind you live with those under threat and in its own way it is not a comfortable condition to be in.  Below some more pics from the Cape Town fire disaster on day three  …….

Constantiaberg, some three  kilometers from our house,  as the fire scales over the neck’s summit.

Fire 06 Constantiaberg%0A


The fire getting worse.

Fire 07 Constantiaberg%0A

The side fire flow coming in to the final slope.

Fire 10 Constantiaberg%0A

…. and her blowen by the wind the flames are coming.

Fire 11 Constantiaberg%0A

Thirty minutes Constantiaberg was no longer visible.

Fire 12 Constantiaberg%0A

We are in theory a safe distance away, but fires jump and with the correct wind direction and wind velocity we and the neighbours could have have had burning twigs or branches in our gardens or on the rooftops.  Fortunately this did not happen.  Latest news is basically the fires are contained and under control, but not yet extinguished as that will take another two or three days.  Nasty damage is there with a number of structures totally destroyed.  I hope they had the required insurance.

Everything here now seems under control at the end of day four.  More long distance pics to follow.  Enjoy a great evening along with the Capetonians who are breathing a sigh of relief.