With the news that the fire has been contained and put out I thought let me go to the Tokai Forrest where we had our hike three weeks ago and get some photos of the damage.  My luck unfortunately did not hold as I was refused entry at the main entrance.  The reason given was that it is one of the declared hot spots and they feared a new flare up could occur at any time and therefore there are still firefighters dousing the area and I will get in their way not matter where I am.  At the risk of duplication some photos from the hike and I am sure it no longer looks like that.

Did this tree escape the flames?


Or this one?


These trees I am sure have been reduced to burnt out stumps.


The following link will give those interested the details of the scope of the fire in numbers. http://www.news24.com/SouthAfrica/News/INFOGRAPHIC-Cape-Fire-by-numbers-20150306

(Rate of exchange R12-02 = US$1-00)

Today is also the day of the epic Cape Town cycle race which usually covers a distance of 109 kilometers.  However, this year it has been shortened to 47 kilometers due to the fact that more than half of the distance has been declared unsafe due to the fires that caused, as the experts say, the rocks and boulders on the mountain side to expanded due to the heat thus rendering the mountain slopes unstable and giving rise to fears of rock falls. Enjoy a super Sunday.