From Silvermine gate I continued to gate two.  Although no cars were allowed in one could enter on foot and venture rather deep into the area.  Here the devastation could truly be see.  The entire area resembled one massive monochrome photo.

Fire 30 Silvermine 2 aftermath

Fire 31 Silvermine 2 aftermath

Fire 32 Silvermine 2 aftermath

Somehow the toilets did not burn down.

Fire 35 Silvermine 2 aftermath

Fire 38 Silvermine 2 aftermath

Amazing some of the Suurvygies (sour figs) survived in patches but for most they were also burnt almost beyond recognition.

Fire 40 Silvermine 2 aftermath

While here I was also entertained by a helicopter doing an arial survey of the burnt area and like that pilot I also hoped that there would not be any flare up catch his attention.

Fire 39 Silvermine 2 aftermath

We off for our monthly hike but not on the original trail above Muizenberg which is where the fire started, chose an alternate trail through the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens and partially up the mountain.  Have a super day.