Our area has been relatively free of any crime incidents over the past number of months.  However, surprises have a habit of suddenly appearing and in shocking manners.  The owner of a car in the next block was not the victim of an April Fool’s day joke.  During the night unwelcome visitors hit his car which was parked in the driveway.

No more wheels.

Stolen wheels

The method the scum follow is to place bricks under axel and chassis, let the air out the tyres and then remove the wheels and get the hell out of the area.  One cannot help to have pity with the victim while inwardly boiling with fury.  Although our vehicles are parked inside the property and behind a wall they are not garaged.  The only protection is a security light triggered by a sensor that lights up the area where the cars are parked and the room where the dogs sleep that is adjacent to where the cars are so they can raise the alarm in event of anything suspicious happening.  Nevertheless, today I will go and purchase lock nuts for both cars and fir them.

End of a short week.  Have a super day.