South Africa is going through a spell of uncalled for turmoil again due to anti-white sentiments within the framework of the majority black population which is brought about by half educated Blacks enjoying the the support of White liberals who lack intelligence and insight.  I came across this Black opinion piece regarding the Rhodes statue at the University of Cape Town and could not resist responding to it. Please read :-…/thank-you-uct-students-for-rhod…/ My response to the opinion piece above: Bulelani did you know that Rhodes looked upon the Boere (forefatthers of the Afrikaner`) of the then two republics with the same disdain he looked upon the Blacks? My paternal grandfather fought with de Wet against the British invader. His reward was two years as prisoner of war on St Helena, my paternal grandmother and the non-white staff on the farm spent twoyears in British concentration camps and because my grandfather was a rebel the family lost the farm. Now i think I have enough reason to hate and despise. But you know what? I accept history as is, I accept the sentiments of others as long as it does not threaten my and family’s existence. I even accept the Blackman’s adoration and respect for the spirits of the forefathers and their right of access to those graves wherever they are. I only ask for reciprocity, mutual respect and together we move to a harmonious future.