Seldom that I will go political in my blog, but there comes a time when the mouth may no longer be kept shut.  So here we go, if I make enemies so what, and if I make friends what a bonus.

Lately the news is inundated with non-whites killed in police custody by white policeman in the United Sates of America.  A few outstanding factors struck my political mind like a sledge hammer.  Now before I get to the crunch let me first highlight certain US of American racist high lights I attribute to a minority Yankee liberal ruling of the majority in the US of A.  In the US of A you are an American if you are white.  If you are Black you can not be an American you must be an African American and that is a second class citizen.  And if you are an Apache for example you are an “indigenous” American and still second class, but other than the `EURO-AMERICANS” nobody else is an American.  I hope I made my alien point on Yankee racism and my sympathty to Luther King whose dream in my mind is shattered today – Euro-police (American)  killing African Americans – please note not “Americans”.

Now here the crunch.  November 1977 Steve Biko a black South African political activist dies (read murdered or killed) in custody of the apartheid South African Police Service.  The result a United Nations Security Council arms embargo against South Africa ( Resolution 418 of 4 November 1977).  Now Steve Biko was politically a master but in private life an immoral scoundrel sowing kids (in wedlock and outside wedlock) left right and center , but our president Zuma beats him by far.

What amazes me is that this idiotic black government which is ANC and was behind as major instigator to initiate the UN Security Council arms embargo 1977 has not opened its mouth in criticising the killing of  American citizens(Black) by Eoro-American policemen (white) in the US of A.

In conclusion, hey Americans who are black don’t trust my country’s Black politicians and business political ilk.