Thirteen consecutive days the beloved country has been subjected to load shedding in order to avoid a total black out of the electricity grid.  The country is divided into zones and when zones are subjected to load shedding it means no power from a given time and the duration is two and half an hour.  The trick to survive the inconvenience is to have the schedule for one’s own zone on hand and keep up to date via news bulletins when load shedding announcements are made.  Where the load shedding becomes a pain is when it hits from 6am to 8:30am on week days, other wise I find it to be no big deal until the evening times of 6pm  to 8;30pm and 8pm to 10:30pm.  In the latter case an early night to bed can’t hurt one.  The major complaints regarding the inconvenience as reflected on FaceBook are complaints of missing out on TV programmes, not having access to the internet and the preparation of meals.  Good heavens surely one can do for short durations without electricity regarding the first two and the latter is no excuse for complaining at all, gas lights and small gas hobs are available at all camping and hardware stores.

Camping in the kitchen

Gaslight club

Have a super weekend.