Yesterday we decided to go to the Brass Bell in Kalkbay for lunch.  My prime aim was to get some shots of the sea under stormy conditions.  Little did I know what i would let the camera in for.  We hardly hit the road when the clouds above opened up and the deluge started.

On the road.


A journey that under normal circumstance would have taken some twenty minutes ended close to an hour on the road.

Found a table with a nice view onto the sea and the tidal pools, but the photos I took had to be taken from the inside of the restaurant and through window panes where water was streaming down.  All attempts to focus had to be done manually as the water streaming down the window pane confused the automatic focus mechanism completely.  Albeit that the pics below seem to be monochrome they are in fact colour, but the pics clearly show the monochrome day we had.





The photographic failure rate can be put at 70%.  All in all according to the rain gauge at home we had 23mm (almost an inch) of rain during our some eight hours day light.  The first snow fell on the mountains some two hours drive from here and when the gusts of the North wind hits it hits with a wind chill factor next to none.  The weather prophets predicted today will be worse than yesterday so advice to the self is stay indoors.

Have a super day.