Yesterday when I saw the daybreak I thought the weather forecasters had it all wrong again and that we are to have a repeat of the stormy weather of earlier in the week.

Another storm coming?


This was fortunately a false alarm and the day turned to be sunny and not too cold either.  What I did not know was that the fickle finger of fate was looming and ready to pounce.

Had some urgent documents to print which received my attention at the crack of dawn.  Lo and behold 5:30am is naturally the best time for the ink cartridges to run dry.  Shortly after 9am I was at a small cartridge and computer accessory shop nearby and had the cartridges refilled.  Got home and inserted them into the printer.  That was when the fickle finger struck for the second time.  The printer would not turn on.  So off I go to my favourite computer shop down the way only to be told the printer is too old and it is highly unlikely that a spare will be found to replace whatever broke and that it will be cheaper to buy a new printer than to have an old printer fixed due to high labour costs.  As they had no printers in stock I had no choice but to go to the closest computer big wheel some 10 kilometres from here.  Within ten minutes the new printer was bought.  Got home and started the set up and installation.  The accompanying manual was not of any use except telling me that for the Mac I must go to HP’s home page and download the driver and software from there.  This took a bit of time but was successfully achieved.  Then the print command solicited the instruction to close the “access door” on the printer.  Well, that caused my blood pressure to rise as the manual did not indicate where this “access door” is located and I could not figure it out.  Finally I noticed something in front of the space where the cartridge track is.  A loose panel I could lift and push up, then a click sound and voila the warning disappeared and the printer started printing.  What a relief.

The new printer


The printing done I tested the scanner and it worked without any problems so I am set up again in spite of the Friday that behaved like a blue Monday.  Have a pleasant weekend.