The June hike was held in the Helderberg Nature Reserve near Somerset West just on an hour’s drive from here.  The reserve is on the southern slope of the Helderberg (Clear/bright mountain).  We took the Protea Trail which is a circular 6.2 kilometers (about 4 miles) long trail.

On the way out a little voice told me the day would not be ideal for photography due to mist and fog.  Nevertheless the camera did work.

A misty drive out on the Baden Powell coastal road.


Arriving at the reserve we were met by the regular notice boards, the first reassuring us of safety and the second giving us all the dos and don’ts.

No fire danger


You may, you may not


The souvenir shop at the entrance to the reserve


Examples of the flowers that can be seen along the trails on display



and the welcome message at the entrance to the actual reserve


next the hike itself to follow.  Enjoy a super day.