Driving is a pleasure, but at times it can be annoying and a nerve taxing experience.  I find the tailgater the most annoying of all rotten drivers.  For example if one travels at 75 kilometres per hour (+/-46 miles per hour ) you travel at 20 meters per second and this fact should have one realise the importance of keeping a safe distance behind the car ahead of you.  If the front car in the pic below suddenly had to brake in an emergency like a stupid pedestrian running across the road (a popular past time here) the car behind would have slammed straight into it.  I cannot see how that driver would have had enough time to change the foot from the gas peddle to the brake peddle and avoid a collision.

M speeding fine 2

Those two cars were travelling at 75 km/h.  The reason I know is it was in a 60 km/h zone and I have to cough up a R400 (+/- US$40) fine.  Smile and have a super Saturday.