Yesterday we had our July hike at Cape Point.  The chosen trail is known as the Kannonkop (Cannon Hill)/ Venus Pool trail.  In contrast to all previous hikes I will mildly call this hike somewhat miserable but blessed with good fortune at the end.  Weatherwise it was close to a disaster.  Not only was the sky well overcast keeping us in a state of semi-darkness which actually placed photography on the back burner, but we had to hike in a wind close to gale force which made the going rather difficult in the sense that keeping one’s balance took preference to all other aspects of what could have been a pleasure of being outdoors enjoying the delights of nature.  Temperature – it was freezing!

Daybreak greeting us to the hike

Sunrise greeting Zandvlei 1

Ready for the start

Ready for the hike

A windblown tree

Windblown 1

Windblown 2

This tree survived the force of wind in its heydays

Big tree

The hike itself almost ended in a disaster.  The higher we went the stronger the wind became and along with struggling to keep ones balance it was virtually impossible to put the camera to the use it was intended for due to bad light and one’s body swaying to keep one’s balance.  On the way down the mishap occurred.  I stepped on a loose stone that gave way and aided by the gale force wind lost my balance and went head over heals down the slope.  Fortunately my backpack got caught on a protruding rock and pinned me down before I could have involuntary descend some ten meters or more down the mountain. There I lay my back on a rock ledge, bum and legs protruding in a void up in the air with my hands gripping the rocky ledge to prevent me falling further down the mountain.  Then it dawned on me that in fact the backpack had me securely pinned down on the rock ledge and the only way out was to release myself from the backpack.  At that stage the last thing in my mind was injuries except fighting to prevent the cramp in my left calf from gaining the upper hand.  With the aid of a fellow hiker who heard my call for help we managed to release me from the backpack and get me pulled back on the rock ledge in order to swing my legs onto the ledge and not fall to the far down below.  At last I could get back on my feet, retrieve the backpack and my precious camera and I could hobble forth on the rocky trail with a left leg in, to put it mildly, a pretty poor state with a terribly bruised knee and a lacerated left hand donating ample blood to nature (later it came to light that small cuts bleed more than a decent proper cut!).

On that happy note that I did not become a statistic I will close this part down and tomorrow post the the last of the few pics I did manage to take.  With a stiff leg and some hitherto unknown muscles in the body that are now noticeable I wish all a happy start to the weekend.