Without making one aware of the incline the trail gently lead us higher and higher on the slope of Kannonkop.  All along the trail we came upon this tell tale sign.

Droppings no buck

Yes, droppings, but not a buck in sight.  As we progressed higher the wind increased in velocity making keeping one’s balance almost an art.  At last we reached the summit.

The cannon on Kannonkop

The canon

Here we took a refreshment break trying to shield ourselves form the wind and especially the forceful gusts contained within it.

Some hikers trying to shield themselves

Shielding from the wind

From the summit one gets some beautiful views of False Bay and the coastline below.


Having regained our breath and quenched the thirst we continued the hike but this time descending.  The trail itself changed from easy/moderate to difficult and tricky calling for concentrated footwork and balancing while buffeted by the gale.

Trail down

Was shortly after the above pic that I slipped and met my mishap.

More pics to follow.  Have a super Sunday.