Due to inefficiency and neglect South Africa’s electricity grid is in trouble, so much so the provinces have been sub-divided into zones for purpose of implementing selective load shedding to lessen the demand on the grid.  When a zone is subjected to load shedding it is for two to two and a half hour per time.  On an average one can live with this inconvenience as an irritation, but it is not very comfortable during the daybreak and the evening hours when the domestic situation calls for getting ready for work and school and preparing the evening dinner.  Here in our den we cope well having unwittingly been trained for such situations during the five years we lived in the Congo.  When the power is cut a striking silence falls upon one and nature can actually be heard living around you.  For me this is a wonderful moment to be treasured.  However, there are some spoil sports who have invested in generators and with in minutes the beauty of the silence is shattered by the droning of diesel and petrol engines.  There no option other than to live with it. To crown our predicament it has been announced that one of the units at our nuclear  power station will close down for three months for refuelling and maintenance, so we are in for it.

A solar lantern and a glass of Merlot

Solar light and red wine

Cooking on gas aided by a gas lantern

Load shed and gas cooking

Source of light at night and early mornings

Gaslight club

And to keep one warm at this cold time of the year, winter.


Enjoy a lovely start to the weekend.