27 september 2015 shortly after six in the evening I went outside to check on the moon and the weather to get into the spirit for observing the eclipse of the perigee (super moon at its closest point to the earth).  I was happily surprised to see the full moon rising into a clear sky.

Eclipse 1

Some twenty minutes later I went out again to go see if there was any mail in the mailbox and this pessimistic view caught my eye.  The moon obscured by an inflow of clouds.

Eclipse 2

However being an optimist I still believed that I will get an excellent observation of the eclipse and the blood moon when it takes place shortly after 4am Cape Town time.  Got up at ten to three this morning.  My first action was to go see what the sky above looked like.  Clear and the super moon brilliantly shining above.  Went back into the house and made myself coffee, sat down and booted the computer.  After I checked my mail and drank my coffee it was going to check on the moon again.  Much to my disgust it was hidden behind a bank of clouds.  However, there were a number of open patches that allowed the moon to become visible, but it was also misty and the combination of the two made phography more a heavy challenge than a pleasure. When a large gap in the clouds came along I saw that the eclipse is under way.

Eclipse 3

Eclipse 4

As the moon entered the earths shadow more and more its appearance started resembling what was predicted.

Eclipse 5

Eclipse 6

The redness started showing through the lingering mist above.

Eclipse 7

The blood moon

Eclipse 8

Some eighty minutes after the full eclipse which I managed to capture before it was hidden by the clouds above a break gave me a glimpse of the eclipse fading out.

Eclipse 9

All in all I am glad to have risen from bed earlier than my usual time, it was worth it to witness a natural happening that does not occur as a force of habit.  This phenomenon has only happened five times since 1900 with the next to occur in eighteen years time.