Took the grandies to the zoo yesterday. In a way it was sad seeing the wild animals caged, but in another way if there were no zoos 99.9% of the world’s population will never be able to see in real life the wild animals we are trying to protect.  Anyway, philosophy aside, what I do not like about zoos is that taking photographs is not an easy task due to the framework of the cages or camps where the animals are kept.  Nevertheless here a few pics I shot in very poor light.

Never seen tortoises this big.

From the Galopolos Islands


Is it giving the other a scolding


And from far down south, the tip of Africa the actors of the beaches.

Fortunately there was a raised platform and I got this Bison bull and in all honesty I have never seen one this size.


Finally the show off of the bird world a male Peacock.

Zoo 5

Grandson truly enjoyed the outing to a familiar place as he was able to show us the where and what of the zoo.