We are no strangers to supermarkets at home, they are as popular as gasstations. However, every time we visit Switzerland I find myself in awe as to the manner in which the Swiss run their supermarkets, spacious, well organised and as far as display is concerned the Swiss are masters of the art.

Processed meat on display

Migros 1

Enough varieties of cheese for Africa as we say at home

Migros 2

A selection of cooking oil to confuse the mind

Migros 3

Enough pasta to even confuse an Italian

Migros 4

At the entrance a special display of products from Madagascar (the country changes regularly) for those interested in buying something from far away places.

Migros 9

Our first week here is behind us and eighteen days left before returning home.  Enjoy preparing for the weekend and remember be sceptical today it is April Fool’s day.