Close to where we are staying is the village of Morges.  Wednesdays and Saturday mornings the main street is closed to all traffic as it is market morning.  The market is a colourful display and offers anything from artisan breads to clothing on sale. Went there on Saturday morning but unfortunate it was fully overcast and no sun so the colours were subdued.  Nevertheless, this did not deter me from shifting the camera into active mode.

Approaching the crowded street

Morges market 01

A balloon seller captivating the kids

Morges market 02

Fresh, fresh vegetables from the nearby farms

Morges market 03

Olives in various styles on sale

Morges market 04

Bread and pies for the hungry

Morges market 05

Name it you may find it

Morges market 06

More market tomorrow. Enjoy the day.