Our vacation in Switzerland with the kids and the grandies also had a very special meaning.  On 1 May this year it will be exactly 50 years ago my wife and I arrived inBerne, Switzerland, as junior diplomats at the Embassy.  Almost four years later our elder daughter was welcomed to life in the Sonnenhof clinic.  However, 16 April was the big occasion and the photos below will explain with a minimum of words.

The restaurant on Lake Geneva

50th 7

The view over the lake of the Alps from the restaurant

50th 8

The food was out of this world

50th 4

50th 5

French fries in abundance

50th 6

Our son-in-law and an old friend from way back

50th 3

Our daughter and a friend from way back, our days in Paris

50th 2

And we celebrating our 50th anniversary (yes, it can still happen in modern times)

50th 1

Of course no Swiss restaurant is complete without a watch

Swiss watch

Enjoy the evening while we are still fighting to get over out Swiss Spring colds!