Today some 26 million South Africans will head to the polls in municipal elections. in typical African fashion 204 political parties will be participating.  All in all there are 63,654 candidates in the run, 153,000 ballot boxes and 22,600 voting stations.  I took a poster spotting trip through the municipal ward we live in and took pics of some of the posters.




VF PLUS is the Freedom Front +, a party that stands for minority rights



Election DA 1

Election DA 2

EFF is the Economic Freedom Fighters which is a name that contradicts it manifesto which explicitly calls for nationalisation of the country’s economy

Election EFF

In our ward which has always been won by the DA (Democratic Alliance) the other three parties pose no competition, albeit that the ANC poses the strongest competition. The result of the election will be interesting, especially the percentage of voters that turned out as there is a bit of apathy. Also of interest will the performance of the EFF as this is the first time they have put up a candidate in our ward.