During the Anglo Boer (farmers) War, 1899 to 1902, the Boers were eventually defeated by the British Empire and Pretoria, the capital of the then South African Republic was occupied by British troops. When we still stayed in Pretoria my wife found this cap or beret badge in our garden. Last week I tried to clean it as best as I could and then started researching the origin with only the motto as my clue.

Before cleaning


After cleaning


The motto “BY DAND” brought the following to light  :

The Gordon Highlanders was a British Army infantry regiment from 1881 until 1994.
The regiment was amalgamated with The Queens’ Own Highlanders (Seaforth and Camerons) in 1994 to form The Highlanders (Seaforth, Gordons and Camerons). Scottish Regiment.

Nice to have a bit of own history on hand in the house.  Enjoy a super day of rest.