It is strange how a small momento suddenly discovered in a box after having been, shall we say out of sight, for a decade or more can bring back memories of long long ago. After matriculating I went to the army for a year and after being demobilised I voluntarily joined a university citizen force unit to keep my interest in military matters alive and up to date. My full time service was in the artillery where I was trained as a gunner and passed a non-commissioned and a commissioned officer courses. The citizen unit I joined while at university was an artillery intelligence unit so I moved away from the guns. During my eleven years with this unit I moved through the ranks and had the joy of being battery sergeant-major for many years. Upon my relocating from Stellenbosch to Pretoria I had to bid this rank reluctantly farewell and join the commissioned officers ranks as a lieutenant until two years later I was placed on the officers reserve list.

Top the cap badge of the South African artillery 1958, bottom the rank insignia of a sergeant-major.


Top the beret badge worn by the 1st Locating Battery and below the rank insignia of a lieutenant.


I guess one can truly say memories are made of objects like this. Enjoy a super day of rest.