Contrary to my wont to post short non time wasting posts this post will be rather long.

Sunday past was my wife’s birthday and as it happend also the birthday of a very dear friend of ours.  Putting on my gentleman’s coat I took both ladies to lunch at the Green Vine Restaurant in the Silvermist organic estate on the main road from the Constantia Nek circle towards Houtbay.

What an ambiance, what a great atmosphere and believe me the food was from out of this world, absolutely heavenly. The views on the mountain slope and over to the Cape Flats are just amazing, a photographer’s delight.

We also had in addition to great food absolutely great music entertainment brought to us by the Time Machine (Les Wolf singer guitarist) and his band. They entertained us with the superb music of the romantic middle of the road music of the late 1950s to the  early 1970s and at a volume that never needed any one to shout to be heard – fantastic, how considerate.

Wishing to share this with my followers I hope the pics below will convey  the great time we spent there. The final photo is a unique  special.



The band




The delightful wine I took, corkage R50 per bottle.


The Sunday special menu. I chose the Sunday Roast ate R70 and took the other R70 home to the canine home guards. Wow, it was truly toooooooo much/




A dad spoiling his baby



She challenged me to take a pic – I won!!


dancing with the band


He came and asked my wife she was eating, punched a finger into her desert, lemon pie, licked his finger dashed off to his dad, back 20 minutes later to tell my wife he had the same and loved it.


Finally you go to Silvermist please do not be in a hurry, it is heaven’s gift to relax, if you are rushed pass it by and miss life.