To my American blog followers please help me out. I am in American terms an alien being South African, albeot I lived and worked in the US of A during the 1970s. Now we have an American President, Donald Trump in waiting. Trump said all Muslims must register, not where, but I assume with Immigration and this is here I get confused.  Over the past thirty years or so many American, mostly black like the late Cassius Clay aka Mohamed Ali converted to Islam. What baffles me is what is the position of his fellow citizens who converted to Islam? Must they also register albeit that they are through heritage American citizens. And if worse comes to worse where will they be deported to? Why do Christians, Jews, Bhudists, etc not have to register as well? Are we going to be thrown into religious “apartheid” (racial discrimination in the old South Africa). I will not venture at this stage into his global trade fiascos if they materialise.

Thanks for helping me out.