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Our other cat, the boss cat that rules the house.

Enjoy the day.



We have two cats, both recued cats. They and the dogs get on well, but that took some training. Here the one cat is enjoying the early summer sun.

Enjoy the new week.


Our one at in a serious moment.

Enjoy midweek.

In honour of the day here our two purrrrfect feline kids.



Enjoy a purring evening.

Saved from extinction these are some of the big cats enjoying their final years in the safety of large fenced in camps.

Enjoy your weekend.

A squirrel escaping from the dogs.

Enjoy the weekend.

Please, can I have chicken for lunch

c Can look pretty

A cold, miserable overcast windy day here, but we are trying to enjoy it.

What cars are made for.

c Honda sleep

Have a super day.

Had a brief glimpse of the sunrise yesterday morning

c Glimps sunrise

Then the rain came and rained it did believe me.

c Raindrops on pane

The rain truly bucketed down much to the disgust of Tigger.

c Raining outside

All in all I measured 58mm (2.28 inches) between sunrise yesterday and sunrise today and it is predicted more cold fronts bringing rain are on the way.  Best advice is to take it as comes and make the best of the situation.

Solstice. Being the shortest day of the year in the southern hemisphere there is not much time for day sleeping

c Uhmmmm

Enjoy a super Friday.