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This not my favourite breed. This guy was reasonably friendly but did on a few times at class tried to go for the Ridgebacks.

The effect of our drought is clearly visible on the back ground. This field was usually green all year.

Enjoy the day.


Some of the dogs at training at play, some gently others rough.

Enjoy a super day in spite of it being the Ides of March.

With a bag of treats one becomes the most popular person at dog training.

Have a great day.

One of the exercises at training involves the dogs lying down be given the commands down and stay, the handlers (owners) then walk around amongst all the dogs and you own may not get up to follow.

A well behaved pack of dogs

The two in the front are ours.

Our Sophie and Mugsy the StBernard at training.

Enjoy the weekend.

Tammy is the smallest dog in the pack at training and her energy knows no end.

Have a great start to the new week.

A happy chappy at training.

He enjoyed being part of the pack. Enjoy a super day of rest.

Two pics from dog training.

A St Bernard with a strange name, young and sweet and she is going to grow into a giant judging by the size of her feet.


Started training her puppy and both are eager and cute.

Not too hot in Cape Town today, only 30C (86F), but no sign of rain until the latter part of March. I hope the prophets are wrong.


This little mutt at training may be small, but does he have a loud voice.

Enjoy the day.

This is Minie a young rescue dog at training and very anxious. I eventually got her to be calm with me, but not without her treating my right hand to her sharp teeth (no hand photo as it is somewhat graphic)

Enjoy the day of rest.