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Exhausted after their wild game two dogs taking a breather with their tongues hanging out.

Wishing all a great start to the new week.

It is always a pleasure to see how young children are taught how to handle dogs. The pics below were taken a week ago at dog training.

Have a great weekend.

Another friendly one at training with his two tone face.

Enjoy a blessed day.

Another newby at training. Look at those blue eyes.

Have a great new week.

One serious pooch at training.

Wish I could read his mind. Enjoy the day.


He may look aggressive, but no he was not. So his appearance is more of a show off.

Enjoy the midweek and we still have rain albeit light.

There are always beggars at dog training who easily sniff out those handlers who have a bag filled with tidbits with them.

Looks like a stormy day here, nevertheless enjoy your day wherever you are.

It is just hair, but a bundle of sweetness.

Enjoy a great start to the new week.

The latest newby at dog training is a nine month old Boxer pup. Like all Boxers he loved human attention, but become somewhat aggressive when the bigger dogs came to close in his space. Give it another week or two and he will be as much part of the pack as the old hands.

Enjoy a lovely day of rest.

Taken at dog training, two friendly pooches.

Enjoy the weekend.