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One of the youngsters at training, sweet, friendly and very playful.

Enjoy a great weekend.


The latest addition to the training group. Still a pup but this German hunting dog is going to grow into a beautiful dog soon.

Enjoy the day.

One can but only love this face.

Enjoy a blessed day.

Side view.

Front view.

Enjoy a great weekend.

Ridgebacks in the old days were popular with lion hunters as they are fearless.  Today they are sought after pets.

A young Ridgeback and newcomer to our training group.

Can’t believe the week is done, nevertheless enjoy the day.

Small and young, but she handles her pooch.

Enjoy a super day.

She checks him out.

And he is not concerned.

Enjoy a super day.

Pooches caught posing.

Have a great time preparing for the weekend.

The photos say it all.

Enjoy the day.

Where there is food they all beg for more.

And commands are ignored!