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So it is the equinox today. Officially autumn starts in the southern hemisphere and spring in the northern hemisphere. We here in Cape Town will have 12h07 daylight. However, it is also a special day dedicated to very special people. 21 March is the official United Nations day in honour of people whose love knows no end – Down Syndrome Day. Please spare a thought of love for the Down Community world wide.

Took some patience and many attempts, but eventually I succeeded in getting two successful photos of some of our gold fish in their pond.

Enjoy a super day.


Two pics from dog training.

A St Bernard with a strange name, young and sweet and she is going to grow into a giant judging by the size of her feet.


Started training her puppy and both are eager and cute.

Not too hot in Cape Town today, only 30C (86F), but no sign of rain until the latter part of March. I hope the prophets are wrong.


At the Groot Constantia Wine Estate there are two restaurants, Simon the formal and Jonkershuis which less formal and more family orientated. We opted for the latter. What was most interesting was that in view of the persistent drought and water rationing the meals were served on paper plates as their contribution to save water.

The courtyard

Delicious samoosas

Steak perfect

Snoek (a local fish) pate unbeatable

Bobotie from heaven

Bobotie originally a Malay spiced beef dish has over the centuries been adapted to accomodate spices avsilable in South Africa and is flavoured with curry.

Enjoy a lovely day.

A lunch time spoil.

Picanha and roast potatoes.

Went down well with the vegies not shown.


At a shopping mall catching the spirit of Christmas.


It was fortunately not overdone as in the past. Enjoy the day.

Sunset on Fathers Day, Cape Town.

Ample rain expected this afternoon and evening. Have a good start to the new week.

Easter Sunday lunch.

Pepper steak

Steak Bearnaise

Enjoy a super weekend.


Say no more. Enjoy  the day.

Getting his breath back.

Calming his dog.

Have a great start to the new week.

Mr President I truly think you must sit back and seriously think about the truth of these words: