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A girl and her dog.

Enjoy midweek.



This tough guy at dog training did not take winter seriously and stripped his shirt and jersy off.

Enjoy the day.


From my archives a little boy playing hide and seek at a shopping center.

Enjoy the day while we are facing rain and gale force winds.


Crowded diningroom on Mother’s Day.

As it was a buffet lunch service was no probem.

Enjoy midweek.


Monday 8 April turned out a very sad day. Shelly kept on to attack Sophie viciously resulting in us to have no other choice but to return her to the shelter. Our exitement dumped into the pit of memory. Sophie our precious old lady is fragile and cannot be exposed to aggression. Sad but true.

Have a great day.


Early in December last year we had to bid farewell to our Boxer Monty after nine and a half years of love and devotion.


We opted to replace him with another Boxer from the the Boxer Rescue organisation and eventully found Shelly a lovely girl about five years old and yesterday she came home.


Shelly and our other pooch mama Sophie

Have a super new week.


Houses in the historic Bokaap a colourfull suburb dating back to the early days of Cape Town.

Enjoy a super day.


The table set for the Christmas lunch.

Dishing up self service.

And so year races to its end. Enjoy the day.


With summer here the weather early mornings play along and we enjoy breakfast out on the patio in an atmosphere that makes one feel like being on holiday at some five star venue.

Enjoy a super Sunday.


He overflowed with love, affection and loyalty which he shared with all of us, we his people, Sophie his surrogate mother and his two cats for nine and a half years. Sadly age caught up and his health deteriorated. This morning shortly after 8 we had to do the necessary and ask the vet to assist in sending him to the other side of the rainbow.
Monty 26 June 2009 – 3 December 2018 – the Grand Old Man.