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Oncoming traffic.

OK I know for people in the USA, Canada and Europe we drive on the wrong side of the road.

Enjoy the day.



A girl and her dog.

Enjoy midweek.


With the arrival of spring comes the trimming and pruning of trees. This mess came from the Yellowwood tree in our front garden.

Enjoy a super weekend.


About a hundred meters from our motor gate the street was going to pot with the appearance of potholes that were enlarging almost to the day. A neighbour complained that in spite of numerous phone calls nothing seems to happen regarding repairs. I said to him leave it to me, went home and fetched my camera, took some photos and mailed these to the municipality. Forty eight hours later the repais were done. Neighbour wa surprised. I said to him nothing is effective as a few photographs because the municipality does want it photos of that nature appearing in the press.

Two of the six photos I sent.

Enjoy preparing for the weekend.


Our dog trainer and his dogs taking a short break.

Enjoy the weekend.

The mainentrance and its typical Cape Dutch gable of the museum at the Vergelegen Wine Estate.

Enjoy the day.


Chickenlivers in a sauce for starters.

Followed by rumpsteak and French fries to finish the meal.

Enjoy the new week.


Covers of old winelists framed and hung on the wall as decorations in a restaurant.

Enjoy the day of rest.


End of the training session, going home.

Have a super day.


This tough guy at dog training did not take winter seriously and stripped his shirt and jersy off.

Enjoy the day.