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Our summer fire season started early this year. According to media sources a fire on the western slope of Table Mountain was caused by a controlled fir on private property above the suburb of Campsbay that got out of hand due to strong wind. Took the best part of five days to extinguish due to wind and inaccessibility of the line of fire near the summit of the mountain. Low cloud also prevented the use of helicopters to water bomb the fire at times. An hotel was also evacuated as a safety precaution. The heavy plumes of smoke reminded one of what is happening in California and made one grateful that in comparison ours was small.

Seen from the suburb of Constantia some twenty kilometres away.

Enjoy a safe and super day.


Boundary walls can due to necessity and bureaucracy look like billboards.

Enjoy the weekend.

And so it happened on Tuesday our telephone line went down and the fibre optic light changed from green  to red

Anyway, the service was restored today, however we remain under water rationing threats thanks to the drought and people who are water careless. To provide for a sudden 12 hour cut in water provision I keep 7 litres of water on hand in the kitchen. If worse comes to worse we can still have coffee, tea and cook a meal.

Emergency back up.

Going for the weekend, please enjoy.

Daily scavengers going through garbage bins to find items they can sell to recycle depots.

Sunny day here and enjoy your day.

As the continuing drought is slowly wiping once luscious gardens out our recently sunk borehole is now yielding good results and brown is becoming green again.

There is water!

Almost weekend.


She checks him out.

And he is not concerned.

Enjoy a super day.

The photos say it all.

Enjoy the day.

More different views.

At the Koi pond


The Greenhouse restaurant

One of many serious photographers

The Insect Hotel

A Quiver tree, member of the Aloe family.

Enjoy a super day.

As life goes one never knows what surprises may suddenly come up. Thanks to an observant visitor the under photographed object was noticed on one of the pickup’s one tyre. Thank heavens it was embedded horizontally or my vocabulary would have been enriched tremendously in addition to maybe at speed it could have been worse.

Nail on, not in, a tyre, picked up horizontally by the tread

Still counting my luck.

Just as I sat myself down with a mug of coffee at 4:30 am getting ready to boot the PC the security light was activated.  While observing the outside from the safety of inside the culprit made its appearance Рour one cat that beat me in waking up.

A garden view by security light

Midweek again so enjoy.