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Two cities far apart sharing the same time zone.

Cape Town South Africa

Paris, France

Photos taken at the Olive Branch Restaurant, Diepriver, Cape Town.

I wonder at times how did we survive fifty years ago without smartphones. Two pics taken in a restaurant during lunch hour.

Tweeters at it.

The face below deliberately smudged to protect identity.

Enjoy the last Wednesday of April. This year is also flying by.

Easter Sunday lunch.

Pepper steak

Steak Bearnaise

Enjoy a super weekend.

Enjoy a super day.


Say no more. Enjoy  the day.

A well behaved pack of dogs at training.

Enjoy a blessed day.

Watching the dogs at training.

Have a super day.

Getting his breath back.

Calming his dog.

Have a great start to the new week.

When Trump became president of the United States Americans in their droves took to the streets in protest.  Little did we in South Africa know that we too will have a similar day where in our droves we will take to the streets demanding that our president resigns. Following an unsuspected cabinet reshuffle which had the highly effective minister of finance and his deputy replaced by two people each with no financial experience and each with somewhat checkered pasts and the down grading to junk status of South Africa by the ratings agency Standard and Poor South Africans mobilised.  On Friday 7 April demonstrations demanding the resignation of the president were held in all cities and major towns. We went to one such venue close to us to join in the protest. Below some photos I took at the event.

Like the Americans still have Trump we still have Zuma.

Nevertheless have a great Sunday.

In spite of our severe drought there are still a few flower around to cheer up the day.

We mat still have some home grown pawpaws.

Have a great start to the new week.