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Winter freeze

Reading the paper in the late afternoon sun.

Day is done, enjoy the evening.

A freshly painted wall and graffiti, Woodstock, Cape Town.

Enjoy preparing for the weekend.

Your choice for dinner, don’t be shy.


Have a great evening.

Pardon my sense of humour, but I call this graffiti on a leg.

Have a great evening.

A small section of the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens is known as the silent forest which contains a trail specially designed to accommodate people with impaired or no vision. Here there is a minimum amount of talking, rather to enjoy the sounds of nature. The trail is marked with a rope and marked with signs with braille on one side explaining the significance of the particular spot.

Enjoy a great start to the new week.

What!!! No Wi-Fi

And guess what? The patrons talked to one another

What a great restaurant at Kirstenbosch.


Many homes in South Africa making use of our sunny weather have installed solar heating for the geysers thus saving ample on electricity consumption. The average geyser volume is 150  liters or about 19 imperial gallons.

The solar heating panel on our roof.

However, there are days that  this method of heating the geyser is not too effective and automatically the geyser changes from solar heating to electricity.

One such day the past week.

Enjoy the weekend, our’s will be sunny.

The joy of being young.

Enjoy a great evening.

Sensible kiddy seats on the shopping carts.

Returning shopping trollies from the parking bays.

Enjoy a good start to the mew week.

Blocked in by the visitor, fortunately there was no need for me to go out.

Enjoy a lazy after lunch moment.