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Doves kissing in the driveway.

Not a great photo, had to be pretty fast and the light also did not play along. Nevertheless I kept it for sentimental reasons. Enjoy the day.

Sunset Wednesday past and we did get some much needed rain during the night.

Enjoy the day.

A serious one at training. Strange how a biscuit catches the attention of any dog.

Misweek again, enjoy.

My nice blue collar.

Enjoy the day.

Two daybreak scenes, but still no rain.

Have a fabulous day.

In spite of our severe drought there are still a few flower around to cheer up the day.

We mat still have some home grown pawpaws.

Have a great start to the new week.

The whisper of dawn.

Enjoy a lovely day of rest.

A squirrel escaping from the dogs.

Enjoy the weekend.

A small fluffy rain spider in the laundry room yesterday and believe it most welcome rain is predicted for this afternoon.

The spider was carefully caught and removed to the garden.

Enjoy the start of the weekend.

Long before the drought when we still had an abundense of flowers ans this Sunbird was a daily visitor to collect nectar.

Enjoy the new week.  Hopefully my landline will be restored today. Meanwhile skimping through at high expense on a VodafoneMobileWifi.