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Summer is here and our Pincushins are blooming.

Have a super day.



The pawpaws ready for picking.

Enjoy the weekend.


A butterfly with a damaged wing.

Yet it could still fly. Enjoy the day.

More apple blossoms

Have a great new week.


An apple blossom in our garden.

Enjoy a lovely day of rest.


An early summer sunrise over Cape Town.

Alas there was no rain. Enjoy a lovely weekend.

A Strelitzia blooming in our garden. A sure sign summer is here.

Enjoy a great day.


A Pincushin bush (a Ptotea species) in full bloom.

Enjoy the day.


A pale cold spring dawn.

Enjoy a fabulous weekend.


One really big Bulmastive at training. Playful, gentle and friendly.

So today, 24 September, is our first official spring day with the equinox behind us, days getting longer and temperatures rising in preparation for summer. Enjoy the day.