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A female Cape Sunbird coming for nectar.

Enjoy a gret weekend.


A gentle winter sunrise.

Enjoy midweek.


Succulants in a flower pot.

Enjoy the new week.


An unwanted destroyer in the garden.

Have a great Sunday.

Precariously balance, Table Mountain National Park

End of the week, enjoy the day.

A cold winter daybreak.

On th bright side spring is on approach. Enjoy the day.

With winter slowly moving out the Cape White Eyes are again visiting our garden.

Enjoy midweek.


We have a saying that when a rainbow appears the rain is over. Well according to the forecast is over for four days.

Have a super day.


The silver lining after the storm.

Have a great day.


On Tuesday past our city lived up to its nickname the Cape of Storms.  Been a few years since we received rain in such abundancee. Out dams are over 70% full compared to a year ago when at this time it was in the mid 50s.

And it poured

With the drought broken I can say with a smile enjoy preparing for the weekend.