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This morning the internet is testing my patience. Somehow it is slow as treacle. Nevertheless here a nice hibiscus bloom to welcome the weekend.



In spite of the drought with the aid of grey water we will harvest some mielies (corn) in about three weeks.

Home grown.

No vegetables taste as good as the fresh ones straight from the garden.

Enjoy a super day.

So it is the equinox today. Officially autumn starts in the southern hemisphere and spring in the northern hemisphere. We here in Cape Town will have 12h07 daylight. However, it is also a special day dedicated to very special people. 21 March is the official United Nations day in honour of people whose love knows no end – Down Syndrome Day. Please spare a thought of love for the Down Community world wide.

Took some patience and many attempts, but eventually I succeeded in getting two successful photos of some of our gold fish in their pond.

Enjoy a super day.

A fire on Table Mountain 11 March. Fire fighters assisted by helicopters water bombing the fire had it extinguished by sunset.

A helicopter water bombing.

Have a great start to the new week.


Enjoy the day of rest.

Mousebirds enjoying a sandbath.

Have a great day and enjoy the weekend.

Nice to see but no rain yet. Autumn daybreaks.

Enjoy a super midweek day.

We have been blessed with beautiful sunrises as of late, but the drought lingers on.

Enjoy a lovely day.

A good sign autumn is here.

Enjoy the day.

Our March full moon setting on an early morning.

Enjoy the day.