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It looked like a promise bringing much needed rain. Unfortunately it was a promise not. We were belees with only a light sprinkle of rain and it was over.

Seven days to Christmas. Enjoy the start to the new week.



It is no problem to photograph the wind in Cape Town this time of the year.

Enjoy the day.

This guy almost walked into my study, but reversed in a hurry when he realised there was a human inside.

The hadedah

Enjoy the coming weekend.


In spite of the drought summer is well on its way and the vineyards hold promise of a good harvest.

Vineyards at Silvermist.

Enjoy the day.


A chilly summer dawn.

Enjoy the day.

Waning of the last super moon of the year.

It is said that there will be two super moons in January

Enjoy the day.

A dark somber dawn.

Enjoy a great weekend.

Sometimes we do get nice cloud formations here in Cape Town.

This cluster, however, brought us no rain.

Enjoy the day.

After the welcome rain.

Enjoy the day.

An early morning sunrise

Enjoy a super day.