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Our other cat, the boss cat that rules the house.

Enjoy the day.



We have two cats, both recued cats. They and the dogs get on well, but that took some training. Here the one cat is enjoying the early summer sun.

Enjoy the new week.


Our two pooches, both rescued. The Boxer is about three years old and the Husky/Collie cross is about sixteen years old. She has become deaf but is still the sweetest dog around.

Enjoy the day of rest.


Two friends at training greeting.

Enjoy midweek.


A girl and her dog.

Enjoy midweek.


Our big man enjoying the morning sun.

Have a great new week.


When spring fever hits it is time to catch midmorning sleep.

Our other dog, also a recue and we guess her age today to be about sixteen years. She has a beautiful character and spoilt us rotten over the past twelve years.

Enjoy the day.


Our rescued Boxer peeping into my study.

Enjoy the day.

Our one at in a serious moment.

Enjoy midweek.

One really big Bulmastive at training. Playful, gentle and friendly.

So today, 24 September, is our first official spring day with the equinox behind us, days getting longer and temperatures rising in preparation for summer. Enjoy the day.