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A member of the pack at training standing proudly.

Enjoy the day of rest.


Our two and a child friend exhauster at the end of the training session.

Enjoy the day.

Friends at training.

Enjoy the day of rest.

One of the youngsters at training, and she is active over and above being cute.

Weather permitting we will see her again this afternoon at training.

Enjoy the weekend.

Time for them to show off again. Our pooches, always together and here waiting to go to class.

Have a great weekend.

Getting the pack together for training.

Enjoy the weekend.


Zorba the Bullmastive pup in a relaxed moment at training.

Have a great new week.

The latest to join our dog socialisation group and she is great.

Have a great week.

Sweet and gentle the biggest one at dog training.

The big one

Enjoy the day of rest.

At training a sweet face and a big voice.

Enjoy the day of rest.