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The first heard of elephants we saw at a waterhole.

Absolutely used to cars and people. Wisdom dictatd that here one stays in your vehicle.

Enjoy the day.



Could not find accommodation in the park itself so we slept over at a B and B some 10 km from the main gate. It was comfortable and accommodating. Here the chalet we slept in.

We hardly settled when an unexpected group of visitors called.

The flock of geese were soon joined by two ducks.

As the sun set they said their goodbyes and left to settle in for the night.

Enjoy the day.


Not a pig that I would like to get involved with. Thos fangs will make a leg look like a mess.


A sign for the more adventurous.

Have a great midweek.


A graceful bull.

A beautiful Kudu bull

Check those horns

Enjoy the day.


Panoramic view of part of the park. Bushland where the animals live.

The first Warthog we saw.


Enjoy the new week.

During a short breal away from home we spent a delightful afternoon and morning in the Addo Elephant Park some 700 kilometers from here. In the next few blogs the elephants of course will be the major feature, but other animals will get their share too. When we entered the park true to its name the first animal we saw was an elephant at a water hole.

Then as if he had enough of people and cameras he returned to the bush.

Enjoy the day of rest.


Late summer pink.

Enjoy the day.


A late summer sunrise that preceeded a very hot day.

Sculpture of a man excercising at the Norval Foundation.

Enjoy midweek.


Some sculptures amongst the paintings.

The Norval Foundation’s website is

Enjoy the day.

Two of the large paintings I managed to photograph.

Dying man

Enjoy a super week.