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In previous posts I posted photos of the sculptures at the Tokara Delicatessen on the Tokara Estate. Below what it looks like.

As far as the establishment is concerned the food was excellent and in spite of a horde of patrons I found the service excellent and the staff friendly and helpful.

Enjoy a super weekend.


If this painting was for sale I would have bought it, but unfortunately no luck

Protea painting, Tokara Delicatessen

Enjoy the day.

A cold winter sunrise over Cape Town.

At least we have now passed winter’s midway mark. Enjoy the day.


Rabbits seen at the Tokara Delicatessen, District of Stellenbosch.

Enjoy the misweek. Having a little rain here again.

Our future harvest.

Looking forward to the home grown pawpaws. Enjoy the day.

A car guard fast asleep on Main Road in Plumstead. I could not resit taking the photo.

Have a great new week.

Chickens and a bell. Sculpture at the Tokara Delicatessen.

Enjoy the day of rest.

In spite of the haziness we did have the experience of seeing the July 2018 eclipse over Cape Town. Not what I call good photos, but it gives an idea of what we saw.

Have a great weekend,

Winter daybreaks.

Enjoy the day.

Statue of two horses at the Tokara Estate’s delicatessen.

Enjoy the day.