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A month ago a munitions factory exploded resulting in the death of eight workers. We were some five kilometres away and felt the shockwave of the explosion. I managed to get this photo of the smoke rising into the sky.

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Interesting building in Canal Walk, Cape Town. There is also another identical one close by.

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Was time for a late breakfast at the Olivebranch.

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Sunrise after a stormy night.

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A wild daisy in bloom, spring is here.

Midweek, time flies, enjoy the day.


A cold spring sunrise, Cape Town.

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Tasty calamari and tartare sauce

Enjoy the new week.

When the wait in the store gets long this is how to pass the time.

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With spring in full swing some winter wind damage is noticeable.

The tree survived.

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Marvels of spring. A Pincushion in bloom.

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