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Saturday past we had our annual street party where neighbours get together. The weather played along to make for a pleasant evening.

Starting the fires

The fist meat on the grill

The first cutlets done and served

Enjoy the day.

He overflowed with love, affection and loyalty which he shared with all of us, we his people, Sophie his surrogate mother and his two cats for nine and a half years. Sadly age caught up and his health deteriorated. This morning shortly after 8 we had to do the necessary and ask the vet to assist in sending him to the other side of the rainbow.
Monty 26 June 2009 – 3 December 2018 – the Grand Old Man.

The call is don’t shop please adopt.

Enjoy the new week.


Seen in a car park someone consoling a friend.

Enjoy the day.


The weather is perfect today for a drive in a car like this.

Enjoy the weekend.


With summer upon us the Cape Mousebirds are regular visitors in our garden. I spotted this one and must admit it has the longest tail I have yet seen on a mousebird.

Enjoy the day preparing for the weekend.


The winter foliage gone and the tree trimmed for the summer.

Enjoy the day.


A tasty quick lunch.

Enjoy midweek.


Spotted these bugs on a flower in the garden. It was the first time I saw these and have no idea what they are so the search for identity goes on.

Enjoy the day.


The Cape mousebird is very aloof and usually keeps to the inside of the foilage. Patience paid off and I managed to capture this one.

Have a great new week.