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An early summer sunrise over Cape Town.

Alas there was no rain. Enjoy a lovely weekend.


A Strelitzia blooming in our garden. A sure sign summer is here.

Enjoy a great day.


A Pincushin bush (a Ptotea species) in full bloom.

Enjoy the day.


A girl and her dog.

Enjoy midweek.


Arrangement of Proteas on a table.

Enjoy the day.


Our big man enjoying the morning sun.

Have a great new week.


Woke up for some strange reason a t 3 am yesterday morning. Guess age is catching up. Went to make myself some coffee only to find the water needed to fill the kettle was only running at a trickle, no pressure at all.Ispected the bathrooms and the kitchen but found no sing of a leak. At first light I did the same in the garden, but it was all clear. After I got dressed I decided to have a look in the street. This what caught my eye.

The municipality was contacted and eventually pitched up to do the repairs to the water mains.

Almost six hours and we were back to normal. What a start to the weekend. Enjoy the day of rest.


A pale cold spring dawn.

Enjoy a fabulous weekend.


When spring fever hits it is time to catch midmorning sleep.

Our other dog, also a recue and we guess her age today to be about sixteen years. She has a beautiful character and spoilt us rotten over the past twelve years.

Enjoy the day.


Our rescued Boxer peeping into my study.

Enjoy the day.