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Two cities far apart sharing the same time zone.

Cape Town South Africa

Paris, France

Photos taken at the Olive Branch Restaurant, Diepriver, Cape Town.


Was a nice gift.

I wonder at times how did we survive fifty years ago without smartphones. Two pics taken in a restaurant during lunch hour.

Tweeters at it.

The face below deliberately smudged to protect identity.

Enjoy the last Wednesday of April. This year is also flying by.

Fluffy legs next to none.

Have a great day.

One of the more cute ones at training, gentle and friendly.

Short week for us in South Africa. Enjoy the start of the week wherever you are.

Even from behind one can see how alert this guy is.

Taken at dog training.

Enjoy a blessed day.

Easter Sunday lunch.

Pepper steak

Steak Bearnaise

Enjoy a super weekend.

Doves kissing in the driveway.

Not a great photo, had to be pretty fast and the light also did not play along. Nevertheless I kept it for sentimental reasons. Enjoy the day.

Enjoy a super day.


Say no more. Enjoy  the day.