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Winter freeze

Reading the paper in the late afternoon sun.

Day is done, enjoy the evening.

Exhausted after their wild game two dogs taking a breather with their tongues hanging out.

Wishing all a great start to the new week.

Being to far south plus partially overcast skies prevented us from observing the 2017 eclipse.  However, we were treated to a beautiful mid-winter full moon.

Enjoy a great Sunday.

It is always a pleasure to see how young children are taught how to handle dogs. The pics below were taken a week ago at dog training.

Have a great weekend.

A balcony in Woodstock lapping up the late afternoon winter sun.

Have a lovely evening.

A freshly painted wall and graffiti, Woodstock, Cape Town.

Enjoy preparing for the weekend.

Your choice for dinner, don’t be shy.


Have a great evening.

Captured raindrops on green leaves.

Enjoy the day while the week rushes to its end.

Pardon my sense of humour, but I call this graffiti on a leg.

Have a great evening.

A Sunbird enjoying the early morning sun, Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens.

Midweek again, enjoy.