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It looked like a promise bringing much needed rain. Unfortunately it was a promise not. We were belees with only a light sprinkle of rain and it was over.

Seven days to Christmas. Enjoy the start to the new week.



At a shopping mall catching the spirit of Christmas.


It was fortunately not overdone as in the past. Enjoy the day.

It is no problem to photograph the wind in Cape Town this time of the year.

Enjoy the day.

This guy almost walked into my study, but reversed in a hurry when he realised there was a human inside.

The hadedah

Enjoy the coming weekend.


In spite of the drought summer is well on its way and the vineyards hold promise of a good harvest.

Vineyards at Silvermist.

Enjoy the day.


A friendly profile.

Will only see him again next year when training resumes.

Enjoy the as year speeds to its end.

Truly shoe size at training, but fearless and friendly.

The holiday season kicked off and the pooches will miss out on socialising and training until the second week of January 2018.

Enjoy a great start to the new week as the year races towards its end.

Meet Doogal the handicapped dog who joined us at training. Doogal lost his right front leg after some scumb stabbed him with a knife. Albeit he now only has three legs he is as active and wild as his four legged friends. He has a beautiful and loving nature and harbours no aggression towards people in spite of what happened to him.

Enjoy a lovely day of rest.

Reflections o

Reflections on glass

I could not let this challenge slip me by. Enjoy a super weekend.

A chilly summer dawn.

Enjoy the day.