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Is this the car or does it refer to the owner?

Enjoy a super day.

The cold front that brought us rain approaching.

And rain it did. Enjoy your day.

Dawn, Venus and waning moon.

Solstice day break.

Midwinter and now summer will be approaching.

Went to a Wang Thai restaurant to have a sushi lunch. The sushi was excellent but unfortunately the restaurant had no ambiance, it was to touristy.

Statues at the entrance.

Wine glasses and serviettes.

Enjoy the solstice day and for us in the southern hemisphere the days will start getting longer.

Misty views over Table Bay on a winter morning.

Anchored deep out.

Cape Town seen from Milnerton.

A reminder we are in a severe drought. Sign in a hotel in Milnerton.

Enjoy a super day.


Sunset on Fathers Day, Cape Town.

Ample rain expected this afternoon and evening. Have a good start to the new week.

Not dangerous, a Shongalola (centipede)

Very dangerous, a puffadder

This photo was taken with a zoom lens and from a safe distance.

Enjoy Fathers’ Day.

Saved from extinction these are some of the big cats enjoying their final years in the safety of large fenced in camps.

Enjoy your weekend.

Flamingos in a marsh.

Have a great day.

Two flamingos in flight.

Enjoy a blessed day.