A music maker entertaining the visitors to the V&A Waterfront, Cape Town.

Enjoy a super midweek day.


A cold winter sunrise.

Enjoy a great day.

During last week’s storm the wind exposed its fury in no uncertain terms.

The snapped off crown of a tree blocking a street

Enjoy the start of the new week. For us here we will again be blessed with some more rain.

Finals taken at the coffee shop.

Coffee maker

Specials of the day.

Time to go.

Serving coffee

Looks like we are in for anther stormy day, wind and rain.

Enjoy the weekend.

Daybreak the day before the storm hit us.

As the day progressed so did the cloud formations.

And mid evening the storm started. In total we received 42mm (just on an inch) rain in 30 hours.

Enjoy the day getting ready for the weekend.


Cape Town yesterday surely lived up to its nickname Cape of Storms. Wind gusts of over 70 km/h (+/-44 mph) and the long awaited rain bucketed down upon us.

The early daybreak warning

The rain bucketing down

It was truly a stay indoors day, wet, cold and gale force winds. However our drought is still very far from broken, but in a few days we should here what the effect on our dams was. However, it was not enough to bring any relief to our water restrictions. Enjoy a super day.

Sometimes one can not resist catching the moment and capture the unknowns on camera.

Seriously concentrating

Enjoying his meal

Had a night of rain and gale force wind, however our drought is far from broken. Indications are today will be similar, but welcome.

Enjoy the midweek.


Two recommendations in a coffee shop.

A recipe

Take away menu

Enjoy a super day, meanwhile we are preparing ourselves for tomorrow when apparently the Cape of Storms may live up to its name.

Sign in a coffee shop.

Enjoy the start to the new week.