Nice to see but no rain yet. Autumn daybreaks.

Enjoy a super midweek day.


With a bag of treats one becomes the most popular person at dog training.

Have a great day.

One of the exercises at training involves the dogs lying down be given the commands down and stay, the handlers (owners) then walk around amongst all the dogs and you own may not get up to follow.

A well behaved pack of dogs

The two in the front are ours.

We have been blessed with beautiful sunrises as of late, but the drought lingers on.

Enjoy a lovely day.

Our Sophie and Mugsy the StBernard at training.

Enjoy the weekend.

A good sign autumn is here.

Enjoy the day.

Our March full moon setting on an early morning.

Enjoy the day.

A late summer sunset.

Do not be misled by the clouds, there was no rain.

Enjoy the day.

A late summer sunrise.

Enjoy the day.

Tammy is the smallest dog in the pack at training and her energy knows no end.

Have a great start to the new week.