The South Easter almost ripping the bush apart

with the result that what looked rain coming ended in a dry day.

Enjoy a super day.


Daily scavengers going through garbage bins to find items they can sell to recycle depots.

Sunny day here and enjoy your day.

Albeit that some days it feels like winter the garden is starting to show summer is here.

The Red Hot Pokers are blooming …….

…. and the Pincushions are popping out.

Have a blessed day.


Red dawn but yielded no rain.

Enjoy a great start to the week.

The first full moon of our summer partially hidden by clouds.

Enjoy the day of rest.

Side view.

Front view.

Enjoy a great weekend.

As the continuing drought is slowly wiping once luscious gardens out our recently sunk borehole is now yielding good results and brown is becoming green again.

There is water!

Almost weekend.


Ridgebacks in the old days were popular with lion hunters as they are fearless.  Today they are sought after pets.

A young Ridgeback and newcomer to our training group.

Can’t believe the week is done, nevertheless enjoy the day.

Small and young, but she handles her pooch.

Enjoy a super day.

She checks him out.

And he is not concerned.

Enjoy a super day.