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To celebrate the christening of nephew and niece’s baby we went to a lovely restaurant on a wine estate in the Stellenbosch district.  The restaurant is called Towerbos (Magic Forest) and the cuisine lived up to the name – it was magic. The inviting section under the trees, but at 40C (104F) we opted to sit inside where it was a wee bit cooler.

Under the trees


Inside, our table set and ready


Some pics of old collectable used as decorations


Before the computer and texting age


Wine flasks from some sixty years plus ago


Wines on promotion


And the menu


Surely a place to go revisit again and again.  End of the week, enjoy your Friday and I hope not as hot as ours are predicted to become – 34C (93.2F).


How many readers remember this and how many experienced it when shopping.

Antique scale

Having a freezing day over here, bur spring is on the doorstep.

Some oldies from yesteryear.

Scale 1

Scale 2

Singer sewing

Enjoy a super Sunday and we will have sunshine today.

Do you remember this from the days of the general dealer long before supermarkets appeared on the scene.

Scale 1

Also the parafine lantern that was a great camping companion.

Have a great week.