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Quite often when I post photos of dogs I am asked if it is our dogs.  No these photos were all taken at dog training and now I think perhaps a photo of our dogs will not be out of place.  The photo below of our Boxer and Collie/Husky cross was taken some three years ago and show the two in one of their favourite positions.

Loving pair

Enjoy the start to the weekend.


Finally succeeded to catch Maple sitting still for a second and captured her face and red eye.

maple sitting still

Enjoy a blessed day.

Young and energetic, can’t keep still for a moment, but I did get this pic in.

Maple at training


Have a blessed day.

This pup came to visit the big dogs training session and stole the show.

Boxer pup

Enjoy a super day.

Only a Boxer can be so ugly that it is in fact pure beauty.

Only a Boxer, Leila

And the week is almost gone, enjoy the day.

With my Irish friend at training.

My Irish friend

Enjoy the day of rest.

When Boxers play there is no end to facial expressions.

Boxer at play

Have a good day to the start of the weekend.

The Bulldog was not impressed with over energetic Boxer.

Boxer Buldog

Have a great day.

Lea hugging Carlo.  No interest in the training.

Lea hugging Carlo

Have a super day of rest.

I posted this pic on my FaceBook page a few days ago, but thought I will also share it here.  Had it been Halloween I would have posted a cropped enlargement of the Boxer’s face, but such enlargement is too gruesome for normal times.

Our Boxer charging at full speed.

Catch me

Enjoy a great new week.