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All done the BBQ way on the Weber.



The new year is one week down. Enjoy the day.

With summer here a popular Sunday lunch is to braai (BBQ). Last Sunday found me at the Weber doing a roast beef and bread. I was not alone and had these as company.

Braai company 1

Braai company 2

Finally the food was done and we enjoyed the meal.

Braai roast

Enjoy the start of the final week before Christmas.

Getting close to supper time, unfortunately a certain bread baked on Sunday did not make Thursday.

Bread baked on the Weber kettle at the time of the Sunday lunchtime BBQ, or as we say here “braai” (pronounced byeeee with an R between the B and first A).


Enjoy the evening.

Wednesday past in South Africa was “Heritage Day” which in my mind is politically a very loaded day.  Thank heavens a realist managed to nickname it Braai Day (BBQ Day).  So steering away from politics and keeping to the mundane here my take on the simple let us be just people.

Daybreak on Heritage Day.

Heritage daybreak 2014

Yes, weather wise this was a true warning of what in Cape Town was to come, a day of bad weather.  Needless to say I took my chance and went for the braai (BBQ).  Contrary to the usual braai pics published that brags about the meat etc ,a practice I am also guilty of, here a braai (BBQ) pic with a difference.

Starting the fire.

Heritage braai starting 2014

Make your Friday evening a gorgeous dream.

As was expected it was a killer yesterday, so the evening was entered into with a Weber special.

Start the fire

And tasty it was.

Braai ready

The predictions for today do not seem to be anywhere near cool, so we will have to brace ourselves for another sweltering day.  Summer’s last grasp on Cape Town before winter takes over.

Lunch time coming up in my neck of the woods, but I am afraid it is not going to be a repeat of Sunday’s feast we had here at home.  Being Tuesday a sammy will have to do.

Shoulder of pork and crackling on the Weber kettle

Sunday 160314 Crackling shoulder pork

The guests left no leftovers for a Monday bite.  Enjoy the day.

Had one of those overfull Sundays yesterday.  It started with a brunch at the Saxenburg wine estate some thirty minutes drive from here and ended with an all afternoon ¨braai¨(BBQ) in Kirstenhof around the corner from us.  For brunch the women (the wives in this case) had eggs Benedict which needs no explanation.  However the two men settled for an enticing Guinea Fowl breakfast which was more of a lunch than a brunch.  This breakfast comprised of some lengthy piece of beaf sausage, or as we say here ¨boerewors (farmer’s sausage), two fried eggs, a heap of bacon, mushrooms, fried tomato, salad and toast.  Be that as it may the meal was polished.  Saxenburg compared to other wine estates truly did not offer anything spectacular for the photographic maniac like me.  Nevertheless, here the few photos I did take for the sake of memory.

Sign at the entrance to the Guinea Fowl Restaurant

Saxenburg Guinea Fowel Restaurant

The Coral tree at the main house

Saxenburg  Coral tree

The summer tourist season has started and the flags are out

Saxenburg  flags

Wine tubs along the pathway

Saxenburg  wine tubs

Showing off the age of the estate

Saxenburg wine tub

The slave bell from yonder years

Saxenburg slave bell

The guard house at the entrance to the estate

Saxenburg  guard house

and the best of all Table Mountain in the distance seen from Saxenburg

Saxenburg  view of Table Mountain

As far as the rest of the day went I can only say it was one of jollification and ample food and fortified thirst quenchers.  Not being a lover of fish I skipped this one and stuck to lamb chops, but the rest of the party went to town on the Snoek (Scientific name: Thyrsites atun
Other/Common names: Cape Snoek, Barracouta (in New Zealand and Australia)).

Louis 16

That wraps up Monday for me.  Have a great evening.

What a winter’s day today.  Dark and wet, truly an indoors day.  Not even the dogs are interested in going out.  In contrast to our “braai” (BBQ) last Sunday, today it is all kitchen food for lunch.

The “braaivleis” a week ago

c Winter braai(lamb cutlets, coriander boerewors (farmer sausage), roast potatoes, yellow and red peppers)

Got the laptop sorted out.  It took some time, but eventually identified the problem which was a malware virus and did a full system clean up and everything is back to normal.  The infection could have happened yesterday afternoon when I downloaded  a media programme which was inundated with pop ups.

Enjoy a super day be it wet or dry.

In response to Sue’s challenge this week ( ) here two pics I took some time ago.

A gentle dawn

c Dagbreek 3 Mei 2010

A fiery dawn before the storm

c Dagbreek 20081129 2

Enjoy the day.  Here it will be chicken on the grill as the weather is playing along beautifully.

At the Silvermine Nature Reserve you have a braai (bbq) area but

c DSC_0002

Makes one wonder.  Have a super day.